Assassin's Creed III Discussion And Black Flags Wishlist

It's a few months after the game was released, but finally the minimum number of people needed for a conversation have now completed Assassins Creed 3 and are able to discuss whether or not they thought it was any good as the finale to the Desmond story.

Also included are Black Flags predictions, wishes, stupid opinions and unwarranted anger.

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Chapkatsu1953d ago

If they can make Black Flags as good as AC3 was within a 1 year cycle I'll be surprised

RAFFwaff1953d ago

im still playing it to 100% it. i know it was hyped to the rafters wen first announced, and most thought it didnt live up to that hype, but i honestly think it is an amazing game, but one which demands your absolute time and attention. if u have a backlog of games and very little down time, forget about it. sure, you can fly through AC3 main story in a matter of hrs, but then you really are missing out on breathing in the history of the time, just going off on your own path between main story and generally immersing yourself fully in the created gameworld. in my opinion, alot of the flaws of the game are forgivable because of the size and scope of this Creed they attempted to create. im playing the wii U version and the off-tv gameplay is fluid and ive even brought the actual console with me in a bag when going on train journeys to continue playing on the pad.

mariomaniac1952d ago

It never crossed my mind that you could use the Wii U as a giant portable device. Pretty cool, although you must look slightly cumbersome, as well as being ripe for a mugging at any point (unless the Wii U isn't even worth stealing).

I agree there's alot to do and it does get you immersed, but you don't you find alot of the additional stuff is pretty mindless filler that really on makes you happy for OCD completionist reasons.