7.5 Lost Odyssey Review writes:

"Lost Odyssey is a solid RPG, but sadly, doesn't take any real chances to move the genre forward. It's firmly stuck in the past, and that's going to cause a love/hate relationship with the game. There will be those who love its old school feel, and those who hate it for that same reason. I fall firmly in the middle. While I don't hate the game, I wouldn't say I love it either. It was an enjoyable experience, but not one I think will ever be brought up in "Best. RPG. EVER!" discussions."

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PS360WII3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

I'm getting tired of the 'brings nothing new' babble. They are bringing in emotion and the rings for battle and GC for the front line and plus if bringing in nothing new is a downgrade then how do all these FPS keep getting great scores?!

Fox013687d ago

i like the genre the way it is... if you don't like this kind of games then you should go play Halo or something else.