Xbox Live Issues Resolved by Microsoft

Metro: It finally confirmed that a fix had been found at 3.58pm PT (11.58pm BST), saying: "If you were one of the members who was having issues signing in to Xbox LIVE, good news! This issue has been fixed! Thank you so much for your patience during this time, feel free to go enjoy your favourite games and content!"

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Septic1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

I wonder how 'hot' this article will get.

For those making knee jerk reactions about hacking etc let me douse the flames a bit seeing as, unlike quite a few trolls on here, I have a 360 and was playing most of yesterday:

* Xbox Live did not go down
* Some people had trouble signing in
* You couldn't send messages or do party chat

So yeah, and it was sorted out quite quickly because in a couple of hours, my mate who was affected by this, was back on.

But it is sad to see people get more agrees than disagrees for posting things like "God bless Anonymous". It was just wishful thinking on the part of many on here. I remember how much hatred there was for Anonymous with the PSN fiasco.

Kingdom Come1897d ago

Brilliantly said. During the PSN fiasco, I felt sorry for non-multiplatform gamers, as it meant them being incapable of experiencing the online component of the latest releases, where at the potential risk of loosing credit card details and much more.

Sony fanboys have reacted both over-enthusiastically and immaturely to this massively over-hyped situation. It's quite pathetic...

Being a multiplatform gamer, I tend to remain calm regarding scenarios such as this, as I always have my other console to fall back on, however, if both Microsoft and Sony where to (God forbid) be hacked, I wouldn't wish the same fate on Nintendo.

Ezz20131897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

i do agree that fanboys take things too far
but you have to admit xbox fanboys laughed at every ps3 owner when psn hack happend and said how Much live is safe and no one can hack it
and now xbox live took a warning attack from those same guys
they said they are the one behind that hack BTW
and it don't seem like this will be their last attack

every one at one point will have to eat a humble pie

it just show that no online is safe from them
it wasn't MS nor Sony's fault
those guys can hack any thing in the world
i hope they get arrested and this thing is over

EDIT: i didn't give you disagree by the know i have nothing but respect for you even when we disagree

EDIT 2 : they are not the one who shut down PSN for a month
it was Sony them self
Sony took it down to protect the customers untill they make PSN more secure
they are the one who did the warning attack to xbox Live

like i said i hope they get arrested and things like that never happen again

Septic1897d ago

Well any fanboys who supported the hack on PSN got shot down pretty quickly and certainly didn't get more agrees than disagrees. Only Sony fanboys can get away with that on here but I guess it's our responsibility to continue reporting them until a mod does something.

It is is interesting to note however, that if this was an Anonymous attack, they couldn't even bring the service down; only stop some people signing in and send messages for a couple of hours as opposed to bringing a service to its knees for a month. But, like I've said before, I'm skeptical about Anonymous' involvement in this.

xPhearR3dx1897d ago

Ummm dude, in that Twitter link you posted he clearly says you are easily trolled.....meaning, he never did anything. Not to mention, this is the real Anonymous Twitter and they stated themselves they have no idea what happened.

Ezz20131897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

seems like it was FAKE...there was no attack at all
it not them as you said @Septic

yes you are right it was not them and there is no mistake
sorry guys

Septic1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

No need to apologise. Yeah I thought so. Ah well, the rumour bar was wrong again, contrary to the wishes of many ;-)

xAlmostPro1897d ago

Just because it didn't go down (as in all services). Doesn't mean it wasn't hacked. According to them anonymous members that carried out the attack, they used a huge botnet attack. Meaning the traffic would have caused a DOS.

Which makes sense considering the ability to sign-in/send messages etc was lost, not just to some people, to hundreds of thousands by the way.

The worrying part is the anonymous members who carried this out gave a warning about card details, urging users to remove them.. this is the scary part. Because They have(if true) been able to access details and where Sony took the PSN offline to stop this, MS have ignored this and decided to put it back online and only fix the cause.

If it turns out card details have been taken, they'll have to consider taking it down and doing a re-build like Sony did with the PSN. They can't keep an exploit alive, that's just crazy.

However i do agree, fanboys bragging or supporting it are out of hand. Jokes are fine but using it for flame wars is daft. It's never fun to pay for a service that has issues.

Ezz20131897d ago

i don't understand......there was a hack or there wasn't ?! and who did that attack ??
Anonymous say they didn't hack it

Zepherite1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

If it was a DDOS attack, that is not a hack. To have 'Hacked' something you need to gain access to it. A DDOS attack does precisely the opposite and stops anyone gaining access, legitimately or otherwise, by increasing traffic so much it overloads the server.

Anonymous have posted on their twitter, that it wasn't them and Microsoft haven't even said anything yet. For all we KNOW (as everything at the moment is pure speculation) there may never have been a hack or DDOS attempt at all. It could just be a small issue on Microsoft's side. It's happened before and been quickly fixed, no hacking involved.

I'm going to wait until I receive some concrete FACTS, before I go comment on what has happened.

ijust2good1897d ago

I was denied my CoD prescription and i demand compensation for this downtime.

Animal Mutha 761897d ago

I could not sign in last night at all from around 9pm GMT so yeah for me it was down. Quite unusual to have any issues here in UK but the service alert page kept us in the loop. Not tried this morning yet as the grand prix gets preference :))

Intentions1897d ago

Pretty much this.

----------------------------- ---------
Maybe it was an "Always online test to see if if works for next gen for not", if it was then it failed. GG


End Sarcasm
----------------------------- ---------

nukeitall1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Apart from all the mis-information, but if you look at MS excellent XBL service, you realise why.

From the article:

*2.56pm PT: Microsoft stated that some users may have experienced connection delays, but added that it is "still hard at work fixing the issue".

*3.38pm PT: MS said: "There is still an issue members are having signing in to Xbox LIVE, we greatly appreciate you sticking it out with us while we work as hard as we can to get this problem fixed. Keep checking back here every 30 minutes for another update on our progress."

*3.58pm PT: MS says: "If you were one of the members who was having issues signing in to Xbox LIVE, good news! This issue has been fixed! Thank you so much for your patience during this time, feel free to go enjoy your favourite games and content!"

F*** that, how freakin fast do you fix a service? Within an hour, MS located, fixed the problem and updated the consumer 3 times.

None of the company's I have experience with does it that fast with that many status updates.

MikeMyers1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

This is why having Major Nelson is also a key component to Xbox Live. It feels very much a community with lots of feedback. With that said this was perfect timing as all the rumors are still floating around about the next Xbox requiring a constant connection. This just exacerbates the issue of how things can go haywire at any time and having a system whos basic function requires being connected can be a bad thing.

Just imagine when we all do our banking online and there are no more tellers/cashiers and the system goes down. It will be chaos.

nukeitall1896d ago


This isn't PSN going down for a month here nor is gaming the need all be all.

That said, always online doesn't necessarily mean that to play games you have to be online. It could very well mean something else, but why overreact until we know the truth and I doubt the truth is what everybody is overreacting too.

MikeMyers1896d ago

Nobody is over-reacting, at least I'm not. What I am saying is these hiccups if you will makes an always on system seem very risky for a game console. When you pay $15 a month to play Onlive or watch Netflix movies that's one thing but paying $400 for a system plus all the software will annoy people a lot more if they can't access it. Even if it's a few hours or a few days.

Good_Guy_Jamal1897d ago

Wow this article has been buried by the negative false rumors already! Not that I'm suprised, since N4G enjoys negative Xbox press way more than the actual truth.
Bottomline, Xbox was not hacked.
We could still log in and game online.
90% of applications and services were up and running
Our information was not compromised.

Root1896d ago

Well I heard it was hacked.....this guy has even admitted it because he wants to free Lulzsec members

Look at his Twitter.,..the guy is admitting it and some OTHER Anonymous members have been helping/praising him

Remember Anonymous is not just one person....

Hingle_Mcringleberry1896d ago

Nobody cares what you heard Root, because we all know you wish it were true so you'll obviously want to believe it was hacked.

Root1896d ago

Why would I want that....please stop being so childish. I'm just pointing it out because want to know if it's true or not.

Honestly one bubble trolls like you should just be ignored.

T21896d ago

@septic - you make some good points but if xbox live wasnt down but I couldnt sign in, is there a point ? Just sayin

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Cocozero1897d ago

Anon must be either getting sloppy or MS got a very good backup system. I personally wasn't even affected but those who were had no connection for just a couple of hours unlike a month like some hacks.

I guess you get what you pay for eh :p

xAlmostPro1897d ago

Or MS completely disregarded the warnings about card details and where as Sony brought the service down to stop the compromise, microsoft have decided they will just risk it, to get online quicker.

Meaning some hackers could be sat on a bunch of card details and microsoft aren't giving a shit about it. Not only that but going back up so quickly(when according to the hackers DOS was part of the attack) they have left exploits open for hackers who may decide to re-visit.

Gimmemorebubblez1897d ago

Well at least it's back online.

Why o why1897d ago

I cant get into sky player. Its saying I don't have the station's. Going to have to reinstall and reset password as I've forgotten it. Local time 13.18 gmt

InMyOpinion1897d ago

That was quick! Back to Defiance... :)

oof461897d ago

I haven't played all day. If I hadn't come on here, I wouldn't have known it was down.

aviator1891896d ago

same here. by the time I had gotten back from some b-ball at the park, everything worked how it should.

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