New F.E.A.R Game to Be Online Only.... Huh?

VG Republic Writes: When you have something that you are known for, why would you switch up the formula to something that was your weaker point for the better part of three games? That looks to be exactly what Warner Bros. is working on with the newest F.E.A.R game migrating their primarily single player experience that thrived on the scares and thrills that F.E.A.R was known for, to a multiplayer game that will look to find a place amongst the masses that are dominated by Call of Duty and Battlefield. The report came from, that stated a very simplistic sentence that claimed the above information. No details were given.Why it is that any game feels the need to become a multiplayer title when it is something that it was never known for is beyond the understanding of gamers everywhere. The main reason that people buy Call of Duty every year is for the multiplayer, not the single player that feels more like a pack-in bonus for most consumers. The reason that people support shooters like Crysis, Bioshock, and even F.E.A.R is because of the experience and story that they offer, not the multiplayer. Sure, gamers have even enjoyed some multiplayer action on various games, but these are the pack in modes that help to extend the experience or enhance it, not the main selling point.

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DoomeDx1948d ago

FEAR died after FEAR 1.. Fear 2 was still decent though. Just didnt have the same magic as Fear 1

TechnicianTed1948d ago

Yeah the original FEAR was great, but after that the series took a turn for the worse. Which is a shame, I loved FEAR.

BattleAxe1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

I loved both FEAR 1 & 2, they were both scary, but I would agree that FEAR 2 wasn't quite as good as FEAR 1.

I decided to buy FEAR 3 during Steam's summer sale last June, and the game was so bad, that I couldn't bring myself to play it for more than a few hours. Good thing I only paid $5.00 for it.

The way that these developers are changing the series and ignoring the fanbase seems to be the norm these days. The only developer that had made more radical changes that resulted in complete alienation of their fanbase, was Zipper Interactive with the SOCOM series, and they're no longer around. I'm willing to bet that this will be the last FEAR game that we'll see after it fails to sell very many units.

TechnicianTed1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

I thought FEAR 2 was a good effort for a sequel but the storyline wasn't nearly as well done as the first.

I got the 3rd game in a steam sale as well, and I wasn't too impressed either. I wouldn't say it was a terrible game but it wasn't anything like the first two games. The emphasis had changed from being a creepy shooter to a multiplayer gung ho shooter.

So if the next game does indeed turn out to just be MP then it won't surprise me in the least. As you say, that seems to be the way things are going nowadays - forgetting the original fanbase and changing a series into something else entirely.

Rusty5151948d ago

I never played fear 1 but fear 2 was amazing...

Conzul1948d ago

Fear (the original) is still my favorite horror FPS.

The soundtrack, the weapons, the AI - all of it spot on.

killcycle1948d ago

Maybe it's just a multiplayer version for the game that they want to focus on. So what?
Don't need a moan about it.

CRAIG6671948d ago

FEAR1 online was amazing on the PC,spent as much time on that as HALO CE! (ALOT!!!)

Conzul1948d ago

It was pretty good. I think it was the benchmark game as well until Crysis 1 came around.

cleft51948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Unless this game is a fps mmo or free to play, than I will pass on it.

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The story is too old to be commented.