‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Won’t Be About Arkham or Origins

Arkham Origins is a rather odd choice for the title of a game that is neither about origins nor Arkham. The game will be a prequel to previous games, with Bruce Wayne already established as the hooded vigilante, and will not be set in Arkham Asylum or Arkham City, but will instead, the developers excitedly explain, be set on the streets of Gotham on the night before Christmas.

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porkChop1954d ago

Actually the title makes perfect sense. It's not supposed to be an origin story of Bruce Wayne. It's an origin story of Arkham itself. It's showing how things got to the way they were in Arkham Asylum.

jc485731954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I really want to know what Rocksteady has to say about this. I find the "armored suit" a bit off putting mainly because I am used to seeing the other costume. If it's an origin, then why is Batman so hardened?

ElitaStorm1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

because the eight assassins wants to kill Batman.

in the dark knight returns part2 he uses armor to defeat superman, so batman upgrades and downgrades his armor all the time

Heisenburger1954d ago

Somehow I didn't see your post before I replied....


I like the way his cowl looks in the concept art and whatnot.

Heisenburger1954d ago

I was guessing because he isn't as experienced. Similarly in concept to The Dark Knight Returns part one and two, in that because of his weakened state(being elderly) he used armor. Not just the fight against Superman, I mean.

So consider him being younger, still smart, but being very aware of the fact that he is mortal.

Am I over thinking it? Perhaps.

But it's fun for me. :)

aakiler1953d ago

Because Deathstroke wears armor DUH!!!

Ezz20131954d ago

**Batman: Arkham Origins’ Won’t Be About Arkham or Origins**

then why name it 'Arkham Origins' ?!

Skate-AK1954d ago

Cause it's the origin of Arkham. Arkham doesn't exist yet so that's why it can't be about it. I can see how it could confuse someone though.

Ezz20131954d ago

yes that's what i'm talking about
they could name it
Batman: the beginning ..or something like that

peowpeow1954d ago

Any other name could not explain the games intentions better.. The writer is just made up bs headline which is now confusing people

deadguy71954d ago

not entirely correct. Arkham Asylum has been around for a long time, Amadeus Arkham founded it in the 1920's. so the more appropriate way to explain is that Arkham hasn't started housing all the colorful characters like the Joker and so forth yet.

Kevin ButIer1953d ago

lol after reading the title I was like... well at least they got the batman right...

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Skate-AK1954d ago

Honestly I think that would confuse people even more if they named it Batman:The Beginning since it's not the beginning of Batman.

BlaqMagiq241954d ago

I think it's because it's a prequel to the Arkham games. There will probably be some major events in the game that make some people in Gotham go "There needs to be some kind of prison to hold these maniacs!" Thus Arkham is born.

Jek_Porkins1954d ago

I think they just decided to use Arkham name as to keep in the series, so people wouldn't think it was a different series.

I just hope they get Kevin Conroy to play Batman/Bruce Wayne, I'm really looking forward to this game, especially since I enjoyed the Armored Edition of Arkham City so much, and that is the one these guys worked on. Although if the game does have The Joker, it wont be voiced by Mark Hamill, he said he is done with that.

WUTCHUGUNNADO1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Then why name it Arkham origins -_-

Hey we named this game kill ants but it has no ants or killing

Heisenburger1954d ago

I..... really want to play kill ants....

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