Mirrors Edge played in Virtual Reality using Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift dev kits have finally arrived, here is a video of Mirrors Edge played in Virtual Reality using Oculus Rift.

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ninjahunter1895d ago

I can only imagine skyrim. I cant wait till this thing goes public, I aint smurt enough for this dev stuff.

Norad61895d ago

If you look at the youtube channel that this video is from, you'll notice he already has skyrim up and running with it. (My life is now complete. *runs to go rob bank to afford oculus rift*)

ABizzel11895d ago

Now if only they could simulate the feeling of falling to your death, then they could wipe out a good portion of the gaming population (hopefully trolls).

ninjahunter1895d ago

How hard could it be to swap out a Rumble pack with a 800,000volt tazer? Ide ship it.

bunt-custardly1895d ago

He posted a video of Skyrim using the rift.

I like this concept but he seems to have no clue playing Mirror's Edge. It's not like the head movement controls sliding and kicking.

I wonder how the 3D aspects translate as well and whether he maintains decent frames and if the latency becomes an issue. He could have explained a bit more about the overall effect rather than simply playing and saying "ohh this is really cool".

Hopefully some more folks with the dev kits can elaborate a bit more.

I want one of these to replace my 3D projector - seems like an neat evolution, but not if it simply doesn't work.


The 2D version was hardcore enough if you got motion sick... none of them would strap it to their heads.

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The story is too old to be commented.