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Mirrors Edge played in Virtual Reality using Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift dev kits have finally arrived, here is a video of Mirrors Edge played in Virtual Reality using Oculus Rift. (Oculus Rift, PC)

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MelonSaurus  +   749d ago
_LarZen_  +   749d ago
ninjahunter  +   749d ago
I can only imagine skyrim. I cant wait till this thing goes public, I aint smurt enough for this dev stuff.
Norad6  +   749d ago
If you look at the youtube channel that this video is from, you'll notice he already has skyrim up and running with it. (My life is now complete. *runs to go rob bank to afford oculus rift*)
ABizzel1  +   749d ago
Now if only they could simulate the feeling of falling to your death, then they could wipe out a good portion of the gaming population (hopefully trolls).
ninjahunter  +   749d ago
How hard could it be to swap out a Rumble pack with a 800,000volt tazer? Ide ship it.
bunt-custardly  +   749d ago
He posted a video of Skyrim using the rift.

I like this concept but he seems to have no clue playing Mirror's Edge. It's not like the head movement controls sliding and kicking.

I wonder how the 3D aspects translate as well and whether he maintains decent frames and if the latency becomes an issue. He could have explained a bit more about the overall effect rather than simply playing and saying "ohh this is really cool".

Hopefully some more folks with the dev kits can elaborate a bit more.

I want one of these to replace my 3D projector - seems like an neat evolution, but not if it simply doesn't work.
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   749d ago
The 2D version was hardcore enough if you got motion sick... none of them would strap it to their heads.
MrWonderful  +   748d ago
This + battlefield 4 = PTSD without ever being at war for civilians.
mochachino  +   748d ago
That looks amazing.
Jackery  +   748d ago
So what happens when you want to turn around and continue in that direction? Is there a reset button or something. Could you use it standing up?
kikoano  +   748d ago
Console fans are so mad hehe they will never get this :D.Because this console gen will be the last(they will die)
BitbyDeath  +   748d ago
Looks good but they really need to get rid of the controller for this to work properly.

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