Wii are Mature

What comes to mind when you think of the Nintendo Wii? Is it the gentle, starlit landscapes of Super Mario Galaxy? Grandma and the kids, all gathered around a rousing game of Wii Bowling? Cutesy casual games like Smarty Pants?

The Wii has more to offer than that. Despite its family-friendly image, the Wii plays host to a growing library of games rated M for Mature by the ESRB. OMG Nintendo rated the six biggest bloodfests in two key categories: gameplay and gore.

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sonarus3560d ago

yes wii has m rated games but they are all crap. Best game on wii are games designed for the wii from all gameplay perspectives. I still don't a wii and i probably never will. I have played it tons of times but it took about 2hrs after i first played it for the wow factor to fade. Played for 2hrs the day after it cameout at my friends crib went to bed excited couldn't wait to play again woke up picked up a ps2 controller and that was that. Completely wiped off wii clean off my mind. Ever since then wii has been extrememly boring to me. I havn't played mario galaxy or smash bros but i have played red steel, splinter cell, madden, zelda and wii sports enough to know i am not interested.

ChickeyCantor3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

you played redsteel? now play Metroid 3.
Haven't played mario galaxy? well then do it.

so because you played some games, you already determined that the upcoming line up will play exactly the same?

you must be close minded =) because it was boring since that day, yet you don't bother try the upcoming games.

Meh like we need to say a console is mature or not, lets face it killing some guy in a FPS might be mature orientated but hell its nothing mature at all.

Games are for entertainment, and you don't need to be a kid to enjoy a colour full game, or mature to play a dark tinted game(unless it can give young childeren the wrong idea in mature orientated).

GutZ313559d ago

I'm sorry, but I can truthfully say that I enjoyed Metroid Prime more then Metroid Corruptions 3 any day.

It was a great concept, but in play, the controller proved that it was still to early.
Also graphically, it is worse looking than prime...

ChickeyCantor3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

you on crack =)?
liking Prime one more then Prime 3, is okai to accept, After all its an opinion. But saying it looks worse then prime one? you must be on crack.

edit: i've played all 3 games of the prime series, And metroid prime 3 looked far better then 1 and 2.( And yes all of them on the SAME TV set.)

And to me the controllers were awesome, so who says its still early?

GutZ313559d ago

thats fine, if its on a 20inch screen, I can understand that thought,
But I played them on a 57inch, and ill tell you that the controls do not work at a size of 36inchs and up, it becomes critical mass for the controller to sensor bar ratio, and you get to aim at the floor to shoot straight.
or if the bar is up top, you aim at the ceiling to aim straight...

Then theres the motion sensing with unlocking doors that seems like a Parkinson's patient made them.

And of course, the controller losing sync every time im looking around, and when turning on the console losing sync...

Yea, alot of fun indeed.

ChickeyCantor3559d ago

It seems like you played a total different game or something.
i had no problems with the controls whatsoever.

If your setup isn't working on the game then you shouldn't be blaming the game but your setup.

"And of course, the controller losing sync every time i'm looking around, and when turning on the console losing sync...
i never experienced this.
Unlocking doors went fine with me.

mr_potato3559d ago

So your telling me that im not a gamer if i love Jak And Dexter and Crash.

cooke153559d ago

No sorry Prime 3 looks way better than prime 1. Get your eyes fixed please.

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longduckdong3560d ago

with junk graphics doesn't seem M rated

cooke153559d ago

you must have never owned a ps2

TheMART3559d ago


Wii sucks

Only 4 great games: Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda, Metroid Prime 3 and Super Smash Bros.

I hope people start to see with the 199 Euro 360 Arcade there is more to game then the 250 Euro overpriced overclocked Wii (read Gamecube in a new box and a motion sensing controller)

DarkSniper3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

The Nintendo Wii is what could be the destruction of the hardcore gamer as we know it. Dark Sniper cannot fathom enjoying an era of gaming without developers catering to those who made the industry, the hardcore gamer.

Outside of the elite 4 games, there is nothing worth playing on the overpriced Gamecube. Nintendo has laundered money from consumers long enough and Dark Sniper feels that a price drop needs to be made if Nintendo intends on keeping these sales above the XBOX 360 and PS3 and these "shortages" consistent.

A price drop for an XBOX 360 premium at 250-279 US dollars and/or a PLAYSTATION® 3 price drop to 299.99 would be a brutal knockout punch to the Wii's reign of sales.

All the while, you cannot forget the Playstation 2 which at any given time is somehow capable of sporadically outselling each one of the three next generation systems in one month. Especially if Sony lowers the price to 99.99. Nintendo would be forced into making a move.


Chubear3559d ago

I think this is one of the only things xbox and PS fans totally agree about... that and that jack thompson is a jackass.

poopface13559d ago

Personaly Id never buy one even if it was 50$ simply cause it has none of the games I want to play (Except SSb, but I can live without it). I wonder how many wii owners actualy know that their 250 dollar wii could have been released as a 25$ gamecube controler. I like the article talks about mature wii games but it has to list gamecube and N64 titles on there. Turok? I played that when I was like 11 years old, they must be desperate. This article actually shows us how few mature games the wii has.

GutZ313559d ago

Trust me, I'm a huge Metroid fan, and I bought a Wii the first week it came out just to play Metroid 3...
I ended up playing more Wii sports then any other game, so i took it back, because i knew that something was massively wrong, if my game i bought specifically for the system was less playable then the game that came with it, its not worth my time...

Plus on a 57inch TV that Wii makes you aim at the floor to aim at the center of the screen...

poopface13559d ago

nice pic tho. Have you played a game called sword of the beserk gutz rage on the dreamcast? I loved that game back in the day. I hope you made a profit when you sold your wii.

GutZ313559d ago

I really should have kept it to sell on Ebay, but I brought it back to gamestop like an idiot...

GutZ313559d ago

poopface1, if you have ever read manga, you should really look into the berserk manga, its probably the best comic I have ever read.
The anime sucked for its early ending, but the game continued where the anime left off.

The manga is 1000x better then both in my opinion, that is of course if you dont mind reading, and some gore with your manga.

cooke153559d ago

Interesting.. Wii looks pretty good on my 52inch tv.. what kind of tv did you buy? were you running it through component cables? do you have an upconverter amp? those make a huge difference. MP3 was far more enjoyable for me over prime 1 and 2.. the stop action play really ruined it for me.

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Zhik3559d ago

The Mighty Zhik can oly laugh of your poor souls...

Metroid prime 3 looking better than 1?

Hell NO!

heck even Metroid Prime 3 looks better than the crap you play on your non innovative (+ gay) PS3 and gaybox...

BUT I can't save you, anyone bashing the wii simply do not have a brain, so why bothering???

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