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Charlotte from DJ Podcasts writes "Forget the hype, this is not a 10/10 and here's why"

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adorie1834d ago

Game's not for everyone. Shrug.

Blacktric1834d ago


Different people have different opinions. Stop treating the game like it's the second coming...

But yes, this specific review's actually horribly written.

adorie1834d ago

Um. Maybe you should re-read what I had typed up there, Blactric. Let me put it another way:

This game is not for everyone. I guess the hidden meaning in that could be what you just said:

"Different people have different opinions"

Now. Is this a discussion? Or? Is this nit-pick Adorie's comment?

darren_poolies1834d ago

This was a terribly written review.

MattyG1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Let's say it was... BARLEY acceptable.

Seriously, how do you misspell "barely"? Or any of the other dozen typos for that matter?

MattyG1834d ago

So. Many. Typos. Must. Resist.

mistertwoturbo1834d ago

The person who wrote this "article" is probably one of the same people who think school is for fools.

SpiderVicious1834d ago

People have to start somewhere when it comes to reviews and to become better you need to practice and the only way to know what your doing wrong is to hear what people say so that one can learn how to make a better review.

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