Nintendo Licenses Official NES Backpack

What Do You Fancy writes: Want to look like the coolest person on campus when school resumes? Yes? Then pick up your very own Nintendo NES Controller Backpack.

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snipermk01950d ago

yup.. i guess they're experimenting with new ventures when their gaming business eventually goes under.

jcnba281950d ago

Nintendo are the richest gaming division in the world. Sorry pal but they're going nowhere.

LOL_WUT1950d ago

I'm all in for being nostalgic and everything but damn that backpack looks pretty silly. ;)

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1950d ago

Coolest person on campus? I wouldnt wanna be a nerd in school with a backpack like that unless I wanna be shoved into a locker lol.
@jcnba nintendo are not the richest gaming company and never were, their software sales are waaay lower than everything else, look at 3ds software is like 1/3 or less of ps3 even tho it sells similar hardware.

fattyuk1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

That's fucking tragic,

Agent_00_Revan1949d ago

I'm all for NES love, but that thing is ugly.