DICE: singleplayer in BF3 was too linear and too controlling

DICE wants more freedom in Battlefield 4's singleplayer, as they feel BF3 singleplayer was "too linear and too controlling".

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xc7x2072d ago

why'd they put it in then :-/

Rearden2072d ago

Because a lot folks still play it...

xc7x2072d ago

and you know this how? a lot of people aren't just your friends list either just so ya know but if so,who cares,it is primarily an online multiplayer game and it seems Dice thinks their own sp addition wasn't a worthy addition to BF3. all i said was why was it added if Dice thought that of their own work,seems odd.

vickers5002072d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong on this, but don't most 'multiplayer-only' titles do pretty terrible sales wise?

M-Easy2072d ago

BF3 had a single player campaign? I played the game for 500 hours and never knew that. Hmm learn something new everyday.

SideShort2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )


The next time you're playing battlefield 3, find your opponent or teammate's tag and go check their achievements. I'll guarantee you'll find those people have played at least a part of and 90% of them have finished the campaign completely. A lot of people aren't just your friends list either just so ya know.

xc7x2072d ago


no thankyou,sounds like tedious time consuming activity,go for it though yourself to prove to the mp crowd that it matters to you sp gamers that it's just as important,i personally don't think it is a high percentage.

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showtimefolks2072d ago

And it sucked

MP was great but sinle player was lacking ans just boring and dull

codename132072d ago

Well, they now realized it WAS a mistake, right? This is what improvement is all about.

LordHiggens2072d ago

Take all the resources making the single player campaign and put it into multiplayer and I'll be happy...

aviator1892072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

As much as I dig bf 3 mp, I want a new bad company game. It's campaign was especially awesome (the first one).

BattleAxe2072d ago

Based on the trailer they showed for BF4, they've pretty much done the same thing again.

Hufandpuf2072d ago

there were a few parts they left out of the gameplay trailer. Who knows what the game really plays like.

spicelicka2072d ago

At least they realize it, bring back the sandbox gameplay plz.

But seeing the B4 trailer, it seems pretty much the same. I hope there's more to it.

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The story is too old to be commented.