Xbox Live outage knocks gamers offline, renders Netflix and other apps useless

Xbox Live is currently experiencing a significant service disruption, with many users reporting problems when trying to sign in to Microsoft's online gaming platform. The outage — which inconveniently comes during peak weekend gaming hours — has subsequently rendered a large part of the console's functionality useless for the time being.

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Nostradavis1837d ago

The service was hacked in March so this is not so hard to believe. Always-Online? No thank you.

FACTUAL evidence1837d ago

I know we've heard a lot of this "always online" crap, but cmon guys; you really think that MS is going to do an always online thing to play games and what not? I think this false rumor is going overboard. MS is loving the attention it's bringing them though. It's going to be real funny to see that the always online thing won't be true. Can't wait for e3.

Blackdeath_6631837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

"MS is loving the attention it's bringing them though. " why would they love negative attention? besides the HDMI in port and the tv services makes it more likely these rumours are true lets not forget the whole adam orth defending always-on is a sign that they may be considering it. anyways its better the rumour goes way overboard and people make a fuss so that ms doesn't do it rather than people be silent then make a fuss after it has already been done. every gamer hopes they are not true but seeing how xbox is turning into some sort of TV- BOX in direct competition with google and apple tv provides absolutely nothing to the core gamer nor does kinect which is also seeing a strong comeback. i'll be honest not promising from the MS camp at the moment

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31837d ago

Live was hacked? Must've happened when I was taking a nap. *shrugs*

FlameHawk1837d ago

@ The_Science_Guy
I hope you do know that account is not actually Kaz Hirais....

Parapraxis1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

"MS is loving the attention it's bringing them "
The delusion is strong with this one.

Not the first person on N4G who is trying to spin recent speculation into a positive, and seeing them try is HI-LAR-I-OUS!
MS' silence is hurting them, bad press is bad press, period. #DEALWITHIT

elmaton981837d ago

Nothing is not hackable, lok at ps3, it wasnt supposed to be hack but it happened and the day will come when live will be hack and then ill tell you how funny it is (to those asshole that think everything is secure)

SHORYUKEN1837d ago

Xbox live should be for free.

Lol now Xbox fanboys are screwt.


Blackdeath... any kind of attention is always better than no attention. Their letting the rumors swell for now and they'll most likely put it to rest when they actually announce what the console is really about.

JimmyDanger1837d ago

MS are loving the attention of these rumors because they're mostly ALL BS.

All they have to for their announcement is confirm that used games won't be blocked and that no single player games are required to be "always online" - as current rumours (from vgleaks, the same place that leaked the documents that people spun this "always online required to play single player games" - which no one seems to note wasn't actually stated in the docs, but rather extrapolated/read between the lines/made up from) state. That the internet echo chamber blew up into some "confirmation".

Its funny how this site among others, is still focusing on weeks old beat up rumours and not addressing the new ones ( - but I can't say I'm surprised.

Winter47th1837d ago Show
Rhythmattic1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

I'm not particularly a MS fan, but I have to agree with jimmy danger.

Everything about "always online " for gaming is pure speculation.....

always online for media delivery?
Thats a totally different kettle of fish......

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amiga-man1837d ago

XBL can't be hacked xbox owners pay an online subscription to keep it safe lol.

badkolo1837d ago

its obvious that the system will not be always on in the way people are fearing it, to think ms doesnt know things happen and things go down is absurd. There is no such thing as bad publicity and all this has garneshed ms more attention and they havent had to do much, they just ;et the rumors go wild and are stealing the spotlight a little from sony. To the haters its negative for ms, to rational people like us, we realize that that its just a rumor and when the reveal happens the thoughts will change when its revealed to be different that what all the rumors have been. Its just like when we gets pics of a system mock up and people claim its real and hate on it, then the syste,m is revealed and it doesnt look anything like it.

extermin8or1837d ago

yes I do think they'd make it always online...

Lvl_up_gamer1837d ago

I had an issue with sending a txt msg saying "gg" to a guy who beat me in MLB2K13 that went to extra innings, but XBL wasn't down.

I then put NHL13 in and played online in a drop in game and there were no issues.

This article is just speculation and all the Sony Fanboys are jumping on it like it's truth.

XBL has NEVER been hacked.

Deal with it.

ZombieNinjaPanda1837d ago


Have you ever heard the phrase "all press is good press" ? As long as someone is talking about you and spreading your name, it's good press. Why do you think idiot rappers talk about all this "hataz make me who ah am".

So you're wrong.

EVILDEAD3601837d ago

/Not the first person on N4G who is trying to spin recent speculation into a positive, and seeing them try is HI-LAR-I-OUS!
MS' silence is hurting them, bad press is bad press, period. #DEALWITHIT'

LMAO. So wait Xbox Live going to for a couple of hours is going to hurt the 360?? It didn't. By the time most people heard about it was back online. Including me.

The best part of every major rumor is that it's been completely debunked by the exact same sources who are now eating crow.

The difference is blocked every single submission of the postitive articles. (12 in all) from making it to the front page.

MS doesnt need to say a thing. The 720 is in a perfect position to be an even bigger success than the 360 ever was.

The 360 saw 7 years of negative stories from these kinds of sites, but when the hardware and the games made it to the stores, the success spoke for itself.


kneon1836d ago


All press is not good press, that's just a stupid saying.

When you start hearing repeated negative news about a person or company your perception towards them becomes more negative, even though you may not notice it. And it doesn't magically change if the news turns out to be false.

That's why you see so much negative election campaign ads, it doesn't matter if they are blatant lies and need to be retracted later, the damage is done already.

ikkokucrisis1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Guess they have to


( •_•)>⌐■-■


Deal with it

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Abash1837d ago

Exactly. Look at how much of a problem it is now just not being able to access the online portions of games and online services, imagine on the next Xbox when you cant even play a game you own in a similar situation to this

gamersday081837d ago

M$ only expect the customers to be always online. Never did they claim that they need to be always on-line. What a bunch of selfish corporate hypocrites!...haha. Only fools will subscribe to M$'s always online BS!

Imagine you're playing SP campaign for 12hrs straight and your internet connection just got problem for 3 mins and there you go. You'll need to repeat all over again and you're not even touching the online portion!!

What about you're playing Street Fighter online and the internet connection got disconnected - for now, you can still play the game although not online but what'll happen in the case of NextBox? I'll be fuming mad if it just shuts down and not allowing me to continue playing offline.

Btw, I work in IT support and Windows servers need to be shutdown once a while for maintenance, etc.... This is applies for even the most advance M$ server OS like Windows 2008 R2 with the latest SPs.

Not a chance I'll be going for the "always online" BS!

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Service was hacked in March? Linksys please! I only know of one network that got hacked. And that was PSN. Unless you're talking about people getting phished. That's far different from a network getting hacked, and can't play games for days.

Ya'll remember the day the PSN stood still.

Damn that COD and it's double xp. You know, the third party games that are played more online than on psn. Sometimes I guess it's going to happen.

KrisButtar1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

yes they were hacked in March, links below

Edit: @ below an account is part of the service, is it not? because without the account you don't have the service. hacked is hacked whether it be a part of the service(accounts) or the whole service(XBL)

Mustang300C20121837d ago

That was ACCOUNTS hacked not the actual service itself. That means individuals responsible for their own password setup. I love how people don't know the difference between an account getting hacked vs the actual service.

HK61837d ago

You have no idea what you are talking about, do you? Those accounts were accessed by hackers through hacking other sites. NOBODY hacked Xbox Live to gain access to those accounts.

jimbobwahey1837d ago

I remember the month Xbox Live stood still and the service was completely down and unusable for everybody. All Microsoft did to make up for a month of downtime on a paid service was give away a crappy XBLA submarine game months later. Of course, if you're an Xbox fanboy it's quite convenient to forget the crippling downtime XBL users have had to put up with.

The PSN has a much larger userbase than XBL as well, by the way.

GetSnooked1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

"an account is part of the service, is it not? because without the account you don't have the service."

Boy oh boy, looks like we have some broken logic here... I shall explain this step by step so you can understand how your logic is flawed.

Lets say I have a computer that has been hacked. Now my computer is a part of the internet. Does this mean the internet has just been hacked?
Just for safe measures lets take this a bit further, the internet is a part of the big "technology", does this mean that all-technology got hacked?

If it still isn't kicking in, lets try another anology.

Lets say someone stole $5 off you. Because you are a part of your great-great-great grandparents, does that mean that your great-great-great grandparents were just robbed? Then, if you take the theory that everyone is related to everyone from extremely far up the family tree, does that mean the robber just robbed himself? No.

In the first case, the computer is the subset of the internet, which further is the subset of technology. If my computer was hacked that doesn't mean all-technology was hacked.

In the second case you are a subset of your parents and so on. If you were robbed, you were robbed, not your great grandparents.

So in this case, if your e-mail that is associated with you gamertag was hacked. That doesn't mean that Xbox-Live was hacked, because it never said that "Xbox-Live ***service***" has been hacked.

To the above:

" Of course, if you're an Xbox fanboy it's quite convenient to forget the crippling downtime XBL users have had to put up with. "

Firstly the "forget the crippling" should be "forget that crippling" as it was only once.

Secondly, same goes for PS3 fanboys, it's quite convenient to forget the crippling downtime PSN users had to put up with, as well as possible breaches in credentials.

"The PSN has a much larger userbase than XBL as well, by the way."

So that makes the PSN hack worse then doesn't it? 20 people being unable to access internet is worse than 15 people being unable to access it.

DarthJay1837d ago

@jimbobwahey LOL!!! Yeah, it has a bigger "user base" because the accounts are free. I barely even use my PS3 and I have three accounts, and I know some people that have way more, and I know people that have a PS3 and have never played a single game on it ever and they have an account.

Come on now.

UnholyLight1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )


Stop spreading your propaganda that's not even true. I've had Xbox Live since February 2006 and there has only been two times I have been without Xbox Live for an extended period of time...48 hours to be exact. Once cus I got a 48hour ban for having a sexual inuendo motto on my profile, and the other occasion was the 48hour downtime in the summer of 08 I believe where they were doing scheduled maintainance.

Please do tell where you came up with this "month of downtime" which has never happened, but did on PSN (25 days).

Get out of here you troll. Nothing worse than trying to misinform people!


Only article I found when google searching xbox live down for month. and here it is

I remember when this happened, and as the article says, it was on and off due to server overload at the time. My location tends not to get kicked off Xbox Live for long at all (Seems to be that way for most Western Canada/West US players)

xxLuckyStrike1837d ago

If they are/were/have been hacked, it sure as hell won't last over a month like PSN. This could actually be a good thing with the supposed bogus always online rumor for games which is idiotic to assume. It's obviously for sleep mode updates tv and cable functionality. Lol at Sony fanboy defense force continued interest in an unannounce console. Most of them have zero intent on buying 720 even if it was sent from god. Another way to tell is by how hard they troll all MS news because they don't know shit about 720

nukeitall1837d ago


Don't bother with these people, they are just trying to twist things with an agenda.

It's like saying an account was illegally accessed at a bank, yes a bank and suddenly the bank got hacked! You know how many accounts PSN looses as well?

Point being, the rest of the world other than the slanted community will continue ignoring this stupiditiy.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1837d ago


""Lets say someone stole $5 off you. Because you are a part of your great-great-great grandparents, does that mean that your great-great-great grandparents were just robbed? Then, if you take the theory that everyone is related to everyone from extremely far up the family tree, does that mean the robber just robbed himself? No. ""

This was by far the worst fucking analogy ever. LOL

dmeador1837d ago

I believe a better analgy would be someone stealing your keys, then you blaming Chevy for your car getting stolen

Persistantthug1837d ago

I remember some guys at my job were kinda pissed about it back then.

It was a while ago now.

HSx91836d ago


No offense but accounts get hacked all the time. It could be from a large phish attack, to social engineering their account into their hands.

This doesn;t necessarily mean the actual service was hacked.

I checked out your links and they even support my claim.

nukeitall1836d ago


Why are you out misleading people about Xbox Live again?

"Actually, XBOX LIVE was down for 2 - 4 weeks during the 2007 holidays."

BS. Let me clear it up:

a) It had too many people online and had trouble keeping up with the influx i.e. it was overloaded not hacked.
b) The service was still accessible for some and not for others.
c) No information was lost
d) It only lasted during the holidays, not as long as you claim it.
e) A compensation was provided.

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ijust2good1837d ago

Just in. Adam Orth has hacked XBOX live...

no wonder he wanted "always on" in nextbox. He can spy and rob from your account.

omi25p1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Live wasnt hacked in March and it wasnt Hacked.

After what happened to Sony and there failure to tell consumers about stolen bank account details, Do you really think ANY company would risk not telling people.

Also I've been online all night and have been knocked off once.

raytraceme1837d ago

Stolen bank accounts??? Can you even add your bank account info on pan? Please stop speaking out of where the sun don't shine.

DavidBanner1837d ago

Anonymous Hacking Group takes Responsibility for Xbox Live downtime

mac_sparrow1837d ago

I am still to this day using the same bank account that I linked to psn on day one. Never has one penny left my account without authorisation.

Mind you, I work hard to be rational and not blindly HOLY HELL WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!

UnholyLight1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Yeaaaahh...about that DavidBanner

Seriously, my bet is that Xbox Live is having issues because of server overload which can happen from time to time across any platform. It doesn't bother me if Xbox Live goes down for a day or two. It's something that is bound to happen as no service can possibly be 100% resilient 100% of the time. Not to mention that sometimes it's only certain areas as I have been saying before..My area (Western Canada) for me anyways has historically not been hit as bad with downtime problems as opposed to some other players.

As for Xbox Liver being hacked, most things that happen on Xbox Live are phishing scams where people accidentally fall for putting their email and password into a website to get free microsoft points. There's no way Xbox Live has been hacked and if it were I'd be incredibly surprised as it seems near impossible.

Not to start a flame war with Sony fans with this statement but, I'll take the occassional hiccup and rare scheduled maintenance times over a network that in generally recent times has been really unpredictable (Playstation Network). Last time something happened to PSN when I was with my buddy (who's a diehard Playstation guy) he was saying that it had already been down for a couple days.

I just hope that Playstation and Microsoft can both offer even better services come Next Gen as I am DEFINITELY very interested in what the PS4 has to offer as well as hopefully the Xbox but we will see what Microsoft unveils! I was a Microsoft fan this gen, but anything goes come next gen.

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TheTwelve1837d ago

The new spin is that Microsoft loves this negative attention.

Parapraxis1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Yup, it's all part of their "master plan"! lmmfao

ZombieNinjaPanda1837d ago


How is that spin though? Companies love attention, period. What's worse: Someone talking crap about you but getting your name out, or no one even knowing who are you?

Good_Guy_Jamal1837d ago

Least I'm able to log on and play online, the only reason I pay for the service.

xxLuckyStrike1837d ago

Yep and watch the spin when Sony starts charging there asses for online services this upcoming Boom!! Outta Here!!!

ALLWRONG1837d ago

lol the desperate always come out when Live goes down for an hour. Ring me when it gets hacked for a month.

Karpetburnz1837d ago

The hackers diddnt shut down PSN. Sony shut it down to prevent further Damage.

And no money was taken, It only effected us for a few weeks ,and its never happened again. To be honest the only people that still care about the PSN hack are Xbox fanboys.

dmeador1837d ago


Hackers were indirectly responsible, and it was more than a few weeks. Also I'm glad you can be honest for millions of other people. Having my sensitive information available to someone isn't something I've forgotten about.

1nsaint1837d ago

By now all this news and rumors about microsoft is starting to look like an anti xbox campaign :P

ps3_pwns1837d ago

dont know why you guys wont to be on the opposite side of anonymous. obviously the ps4 is the choice to get and the safe one as well. why you xbox fanboys dont want the ps4? you want to get hacked by anonymous on the x720?

DonFreezer1837d ago ShowReplies(2)
adorie1836d ago

Routine Maintenance? Wouldn't they have said that from the start? They were fairly quiet on the issue, no?

hazardman1837d ago

Dude the article is garbage. Seeing as your contributing news, you should know that much of the always on line feature was more towards xbox mini.

Where is the actual gaming news, everytime I come on its all about always online xbox 720.......can we get a break already.

adorie1836d ago

Blame the bloggers and the people approving the redundant tripe. News on N4G is getting slow.

Gamer19821837d ago

main issue with always online is servers need to go down every now and then for stability reasons. You flush the crap from the server and reboot. This is usually referred to as maintenance. Sony, MS, Origin and even steam do it now and then. So just imagine being told you cannot play your console until servers are back up??

dcortz20271836d ago

LOL and there were dozens of Xbox fans that were claiming that Xbox Live wasn't down and that they were online without a problem. Xbox live got hacked, #dealwithit!!

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Commandar_Shepard1837d ago

It's fitting that the XBL servers went down amidst all the chaos around the Always Online rumors. Hopefully this will help MS learn that always online is not the way to go.

If not, they'll have to hear about it Christmas 2013 when millions of people can't use their consoles and demand refunds due to the overwhelming amounts of people logging in at once.

sharkboy4211837d ago

Well that really, really sucks. Live always seemed like some invulnerable fortress but alas, the real world has shown up once again.

Gamer19821837d ago

It never was only 360 fanboys made it out like it was. Although it had more backup servers than most it was still as vulnerable as the rest.

PygmelionHunter1837d ago

Yeah remember all the crap they gave us after the PSN servers went down for like a month? Even said that their Gold subscription was justified just because of that...

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