DarbeeVision Cobalt Strives To Go "Beyond HD" (

The DarbeeVision Cobalt strives to go "Beyond HD" with its new device that's compatible with gaming devices and blu-ray players. The idea for the Cobalt is to "add Darbee Visual Presence depth and clarity to HDMI video at a price point that allows the unparalleled and addictive visual experience to be appreciated by the massive general consumer and video game enthusiast market." What results is a mixed bag when it comes to picture enhancement at a suggested retail price that's asking too much.

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WUTCHUGUNNADO1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

$270 no thank you... This is a ridiculous looking piece of equipment for that price. Looks like a USB dongle for an Imac or something. I can't even find screens of what it does... seems like the stock photo is the only photo available of it as well.

1upgamer991955d ago

I don't think so at that price. I am all about making my picture quality better, but not for almost $300. I recently bought a 52inh LED 1080p 240MHZ refresh rate, and can tell you that the refresh rate made a difference for sure. Compared to our other TV Plasma 1080p 120MHZ.

CoryHG1955d ago

Problem is with the refresh rate it generates lag in gaming.

1upgamer991955d ago

Really? I did not know that. Hmph..I am going to have to look into that. Thank you:)

1954d ago