New ‘Dark Souls 2’ artwork images show armored character

Several new images have been revealed for the upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 action role-playing video game from Namco Bandai Games, “Dark Souls 2.”

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Timesplitter141472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

an audacious choice....

dedicatedtogamers1472d ago

The title made me laugh out loud.

"New Call of Duty 2013 screenshot images show assault rifle".

Linsolv1472d ago

Still pre alpha. Armor certainly in testing tho.

Blacktric1472d ago

If it proves to be OP, the may remove it all together.

TopDudeMan1472d ago

Okay, now lets not jump to any drastic conclusions here.

Reverent1472d ago

Armor?! In Dark Souls?! Who do they think they are?!

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YourFlyness1472d ago

Duel Move support please!

DragonKnight1472d ago

No. That would ruin the combat.

Lord_Sloth1472d ago

The default dude in the trailer is always armored! This title is funny.

Also, I cannot wait to play this game!!!

guitarded771472d ago

The Souls games have the most badass character design ever.

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