A Lighthouse, a Man, a City: What Makes Bioshock Infinite Triumph?

Gary LaPlante of discusses what makes Bioshock Infinite stand out from other games by examining its combination of storytelling and gameplay to craft such a unique experience.

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pissed9991951d ago

Nothing. Vastly overrated and not unique at all.
Opening is the Halflife tram ride. City is a basically city17. Elizabeth Alyx Vance. Nothing new here, nothing unique, go play some games or try playing beyond a single generation. God, these articles get worse and worse.

ame221951d ago

You sure you're talking about the same game. It's Columbia not City. A good game is a good game, just because it got people talking about it doesn't make it a lesser game.

ifritAlkhemyst1951d ago

The story and the presentation. I'm going to scream this louder than you so you know I'm right because I'm sick of the praise this game gets. The story and the presentation simply kills almost any game this generation but the gameplay (remember that, what games used to be about?) is equivalent to Bioshock! And Bioshock was a substandard System Shock 2!

Games these days are undergoing a gameplay regression. It's all story story story. When people latched onto stuff like Half Life 2, how it gave you a story not through typical cutscenes but in the game itself, everyone else decided this was the route to go for immersing storytelling. Unfortunately, developers these days are making these even more obnoxious that cutscenes.

AC3 was like 25% you following some guy talking about nonsense, bookended by cutscenes.

Hence, I more or less live on GOG or in the indie sphere these days.

QuickdrawMcgraw1951d ago

I thought the game was great.One thing though.When I talk with my gamer friends.We who are 35 yrs plus.Think the game is work of art.Under 35,not so much.Don't even know if that means anything.Just something I noticed.