Secret Snake Codec Convos in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Here's how you do it. Play as Snake on Shadow Moses Island against whoever. When the match starts push down on the D-pad to trigger the codec conversations. I've heard "push down and punch, or punch and down" but no official say on it really. We seemed to get it when doing some sort of rapid seizure movement involving down and a button in some way. Nintendo what's up with that?

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shadowfish3726d ago

Lmao, that's great.. Gonna have to try that.

MACHone3726d ago

Especially Zero Suit Samus.

Mr_Kuwabara3726d ago

I think that's the famous classic Konami code but with a pun intended.

kingOVsticks3725d ago

with my friend a couple of days ago he has something to say about all 35 characters including himself. What I learned is that he hates sonic,the colonel is possessed by liquid when talking about luigi, he mentions the other snakes when talking about toon link,he wants to "get it on" with samus,He brings up clone snakes talking about himself,he wants to eat yoshi. The rest are pretty funny too even in a nintendo game kojima infamous easter eggs makes an appearance

Makawee3725d ago

This is a great feature, but kind of old news though. This was confirmed on the official Smash Bros. website on October 2nd.