OUYA unboxing video

This OUYA unboxing video runs through what you will expect to receive when you get your OUYA out the box for the first time. It’s a DEV’s console and not the finished product, but you get the idea.

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Xyla1949d ago

i cant wait to buy this

rbluetank1949d ago

who are the game Developers for this console? I hope they show more on what it can do. i am going to start googling it tonight... i am slightly interested.

AkatsukiPain1949d ago

Pretty useless but for the size & affordable price it might do really well. Too bad most of the games are pretty crap but I can see ppl buying it for $99.

rbluetank1949d ago

well said! thanks for information. i was just finished googling it.

NeoTribe1949d ago

Wow i always wanted to play a casual crapfest of phone games on my hdtv....

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