No place for 'really hardcore shooters' - R6 Vegas 2 developer

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 game designer Phil Therien reckons Ubisoft will steer clear of "really hardcore only shooters" because "the market was too narrow for it to be a viable business choice".

Therien revealed that there won't be a demo version of Vegas 2. "We took the decision to spend our time on polishing the game and the demo option was cut," he said. "It's really time-consuming to create a demo and we needed the dev time to finish our game."

The drop from four-player to two-player co-op was made because the single-player levels couldn't easily support four. "Having more then four Rainbow bodies would have simply not fit in many places, so we had to move down to two."

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InYourMom3724d ago

No four player Co-Op is rather lame. Never seen a sequel actually have less features then it's predecessor. I've been watching game videos for it and it looks OK, but I don't think I'm going to buy this one because it "simply doesn't fit".

Kleptic3724d ago

totally agree...since the first videos it feels to me like an expansion pack for vegas 1...which makes it a pretty expensive expansion at that...

had they been able to implement some of the new features of UE3 offers now, of which only Gears 2 will have most likely this year, then it probably would be a giant step forward...and worth buying...

whatever...the CoD 4 maps will keep me just fine until GTAIV and MGS4...Vegas 1 was the most dissapointing game I ever purchased...should have rented it first...twas the last time I ever buy a game based on review scores...

kunark3724d ago

lol wow i totally agree with you guys above this isnt rbv2 its more like rbv1.5 they didnt really add any new features to the game and it will prolly get a 7.5 for that

socomnick3724d ago

Game informer gave it a 9.75 better than your avatar. :)

kunark3724d ago

and dropping 4 player co-op cause to many rbv bodies should have atleast made it 3player co-op cause thats how many are on the map anyways (3 player rbv team) vs how ever many bad guys

Citizen Cook3724d ago

I loved four player co-op.

Not buying the game now. Thatnbks Ubisoft. Nice step backwards there.


resistance1003724d ago

Why get this when HAZE is coming in May?

socomnick3724d ago

Because this game has proven itself and haze has not.
I just hope that ubisoft decides to make hardcore shooters again. Ultra realistic Fps where 1 round usually kills and speed is realistic.

Hatchetforce3724d ago

R6 proved itself far more than Vegas...and they are not the same product.

brocool3724d ago

Why?!.. because maaay is an eternity awaaaaaay ..get it?
Come on its R6.. it will own

Gorgon3724d ago

" Ultra realistic Fps where 1 round usually kills and speed is realistic."

In ultra realistic FPS you don't need one round, you just need one shot. Operation Flashpoint says it all.

Gorgon3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

A round is one shot? I'm not a native english speaker, but I would have swore that a round is like, say, emptying a clip, or a 3-shot sequence in semi-automatic, etc. LOL at me, I guess ¤_¤

Now that you mention it, I recall this lines in movies "$iiit, I only have one round left!!!" LOL, you're right buddy, thanks for correcting me.

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