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Go Home is a small Dinossaurs Tower Defense with a nice design and a lot of elements that blend Plants vs Zombies in a structure of traditional tower defense games. Along with colorful design and is a nice simple gameplay that will appeal to everyone, from the players more accustomed to the genre as more casual. It is undoubtedly a casual game, but there are some challenging levels.

This is a game that is common to see Android or iOS, does not really have a structure of PC gaming. Here you will find several worlds, each with multiple levels to complete which give you up to a total of three Stars in this case steaks. There are plenty of mobile game Go Home Dinossaurs and would really like to play these devices that would be more successful.

In game are a small rodent who invited his friends for a barbecue. Unfortunately they were attacked by dinosaurs, which obviously makes sense. Will realize all this with a series of cutscenes to good style of Angry Birds, which leads again to mobile games. It really seemed like a bad decision to bet on the PC market with this game.

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