BioShock Infinite is art trapped in a violent video game

VB - BioShock Infinite is one of those rare games that has everything: a great story, intriguing characters, a beautiful virtual world, and lots of action. Evidence suggests that sales are soaring and that people are actually finishing the 12-hour game. It has a wonderful story, with an ending that is generating huge conversations on the Internet.

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aLucidMind1953d ago

What's with the title? As if a violent video game cannot be art.

CalvinKlein1953d ago

nope, only boring hipster games with bland gameplay and a special art style can be considered art.

thirtyandnerdy1953d ago

Haha, what's a "hipster game"? Moody indie games, that sort of thing?

da_2pacalypse1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Not sure why people are so downed on the game's violence... Sure the game can touch on topics such as race and religion... But all of a sudden the violence is bad? The game was a damn good... and it was art. I wouldn't change a thing.

Stop complaining.

joab7771953d ago

A lot of people have had a problem with the racism issue but what about this. Spoiler! At least one of the times booker must have actually cared enough that he abandoned his cause to help them and died and became a hero. I know one thinks about this but doesn't it say something? (I guess fitzroy could have had him killed and made him a martyr but I doubt it). Just a thought.

Shadowsteal1953d ago

Honestly this game was created for the Hardcore gamer. If you're a "gamer" that can't handle a little bit of virtual blood, then I got news for you kid. Go back to watching cartoons. You make it sound like Bioshock: Infinite had a level of violence seen in the SAW movies. It's a game with guns and when you shoot a human blood comes out. Relax. And grow up internet no game is too violent. I even feel like the gratuitousness violence in God of War is art. The violence adds to the style and meaning of the series as a whole. And just as much as the story is vital to the Bioshock experience so is the high octane action, violence, and suspense.

Salooh1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I don't consider infinite a violence game at all. We watched worst things in movies and other stuff. Bioshock is silly compared to real life. I would even laugh at the writer of the article for considering infinite a violence game. Life is much more violence then games so i would never get effected in a bad way from any type of games.

Shadowsteal1953d ago

Problem is he's not the only author talking about this, I've been reading numerous articles about how Bioshock would have been better if its violent gameplay didn't weigh it down. It's getting me irritated. If 10 year olds are playing COD. Then why are these pussy authors complaining about virtual blood in a NON PHOTOREALISTIC game.

aLucidMind1953d ago

For the same reason people made a big deal out of Mass Effect 1's sex scene; they're idiots that don't even know what the hell they're talking about.

And for those who don't know, watch the "sex" scene for ME1 on YouTube real quick; several people apparently thought it was a hardcore porn video by how they behaved towards it. To the point Fox News even admitted "yeah, they blew this out of proportion and we didn't help any". Notice how Fox News doesn't say shit about games anymore since 2007/2008 XD