What The Next Xbox Needs To Do

GI - More of the same isn't enough - and always-on could be the prelude to an utter disaster.

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Jek_Porkins1926d ago

Well having a way to physically play Xbox 360 games on the 720 would be HUGE, especially for people who maybe didn't have a 360 and want to take advantage of the big back catalog.

It wont be always online and will play used games, simply because that is what the competition is allowing and doing. First rule of business is status quo.

Lastly, bring the games and features people want, appeal to every kind of gamer that you can. Support, support, support!

delboy1926d ago

Exactly, as a Sony only gamer, I would prefer xbox720 over ps4 if they alow me to play all those xbox360 games I missed this gen.
Having two systems game library in one own is pure win.

And please Ms, make a better controller.
DS4 with the touch pad is just useless, it's to small for being used in any way.
It's like a penis on my forehead, my balls are on my eyes and I can't see, so no real advantage for having my penis on the forehead, that's how I feel about the ps4 controller and touch pad.

Jek_Porkins1926d ago

I actually hope they keep the Xbox controller pretty similar, love it for just about every type of game, improve the D-pad and it's gold in my opinion.

FrigidDARKNESS1926d ago

Ms dont have to do anything they're sticking to their plans and aren't phased by Sony showing of the ps4.
Apparently the ps4 poses no threat to them.

GamerzElite1926d ago

New IPs, these days most of games are multi-platform.

dcbronco1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

One more always on article before we reach the magic number of 500. Sad to see a business website that isn't mainstream pander for hits.

JedMan19851926d ago

Hey man, this is totally off the subject, I'm sorry, but, the broncos are my team too. And you know what?? They should've had that super bowl last year! Pisses me off.

dcbronco1926d ago

Yeah. I'm actually hating the direction they are going on some things. Dumervil should have been re-signed. No way should they have ever switched from zone-blocking. I mean, look at what Shanahan has already done in Washington running the ball. And what is the problem finding someone in the middle of the defensive line. And I'm not , and never have been a huge John Fox fan. Too conservative and it bit us in the a--. Maybe for a SB.

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