Dark Souls 2 Full of Despair and Stunning Environments

Gi - This week was very kind to gamers who have been eagerly waiting for more information about Dark Souls 2. After the reveal of the game during the 2012 Spike Video Game Awards, very little information has been divulged from the team at From Software. Though little is still known about the controversial claim of making the second entry more accessible to newcomers, new gameplay footage certainly proves that Dark Souls 2 looks to be as brutal and gorgeous as its predecessor.

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YoungPlex1919d ago

Agreed, GOTY for me at least! Can't wait!

Typical-Guy1919d ago

This game is just crazy! It's one of the most terrifying games. I'm talking about the environment, it's just scary. Going back to DS and to Valley of Defilement. Knowing what happened there and seeing what's in there makes your heart beat faster. Damn I've never had a feeling from the environment in a game EVER.


-Gespenst-1919d ago

These games disappoint me because it feels like the east pandering to the west. And overall, these games seem like really generic western rpgs in the tradition of dungeons and dragons etc.

On the other hand, they are supposed to be really good anyhow, and also really challenging which I respect in this day and age (most games are pretty easy these days). I've never played any of these games since I can imagine just losing my mind playing them but yeah, I guess I've always had mixed feelings about them.

pansenbaer1919d ago

'These games disappoint me'

'I've never played any of these games'

I don't value your opinion.

-Gespenst-1919d ago

I'm not saying the gameplay disappoints me. How could I say that if I've never played them?

I'm saying the western vibe of the game disappoints me because it's an eastern developer. I'm disappointed that an eastern developer would make such a western game. Not that such a thing is out of bounds, but I can't help but feel this game is pandering to western tastes a little bit. I suppose From Software did make all those Kings Field games though, so whatever.

Mr-SellJack1919d ago

wtf r u talking about?Japanese games that are westernized are the best..e.g Resident Evil,MGS & DMC,Souls series,Journey,DOA,God Hand,Bayonetta,Vanquish....Kna ck and Deep Down 4 PS4 soon i'll selll my entire game collection if i had to except those games.They have much more than a story that u would likely get fed up of,much better gameplay and interesting characters,humour,more bonuses,extras,content which leads to almost 10x the lasting appeal of the so called AAA western games which most are either mediocre or highly overrated(uncharted,half-life, COD,all sports games,EA Games,Portal and Halo comes to mind)btw.They combine the best of the west and east and make a true masterpiece that still maintains being unique.....MGS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MrAnderson1919d ago

you've never played them but they disappoint you? lol, and in response to you saying the western vibe disappoints you, trust me, these are VERY JRPG, just not turn based, and if you wanna talk about a Japanese RPG deve pandering to the west, let's look at Square Enix...yeah enough said there, no trust me, these games don't pander to the west, they have great enviroments, exploration, they're difficult, challenging, and have immense depth to them.

andr3zinho1919d ago

honestlly,if you are not an western Rpg fan i just dosen´t attract you but by never playing any of them you just can´t judge now can you...i´ve been playing Dark Soul this last few days(weeks).It was sittting there in one of my shelfs for months and i give it a try many months ago and quited because of the difficulty(i now im an idiot)and few days ago i started playing for real,and i´m hooked,can´t stop playing the game is amazing.i´ve played many Rpgs in my time but never liked´s a masterpiece they just dont make them like that anymore.Imo only the Wither saga can make front for Dark Souls,next year will be amazing for Rpg lovers

1918d ago
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StrawberryDiesel4201919d ago

That city of dragons in the sky looks fucking amazing. This game will be a perfect 10.

Summons751918d ago

Yeah, I can only imagine sprinting and dodging to get across while dying 900000000 times before succeeding. I'm just curious why happens when the bridge breaks (because it did in the demo) how you get across. Randomly respawning dosent make sense for the soul series because everything is otherwise permanent (like opening a gate or a ambush on a ball rolling down stairs. Also curious on how many souls dragons will give this game since there are more of them then ever before. All I know is I'm deffinetly building archer as a secondary build to my main character.