360 Rant Rave: Army of Two Review

The name of the game in Army of Two is co-op. Whether you play on or offline with a friend or use the game's A.I. teammate to assist you, it's all about two-man strategies. The game is setup in such a way that trying to do things all on your own will be next to if not completely impossible. So if you have notions of playing as Rios and just telling Salem to hold position while you kick-butt, think again.

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SeanScythe3726d ago

The game wasn't made for Live it was made for online coop over PSN and LIVE.

Frag Monger3726d ago

Oh yeah. Sorry. LOL My site is 360-based so I tend to forget about PS3 sometimes. ;)

Drekken3726d ago

I dont care, I have a roomate and I love playing this game online split screen with him. Even playing coop online is fun too.

I really think that this game is the start of something beautiful... Hopefully they take the good things this game offers and polishes it up adding some more cool stuff. Coop gaming is fun.

skynidas3726d ago

This game is made to be played co op