Pach-Attack- I Don’t Understand Japanese Companies

GT:Everyone’s asking for it, so why doesn’t Square-Enix remake Final Fantasy 7? Plus, the hardcore versus casual console debate

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1948d ago

I still like The gamecube more than the wii despite what the sale numbers say.

NYC_Gamer1948d ago

Dreamcast=one of my favorite consoles even though it failed sales wise

Sandmano1948d ago

Dreamcast was EPIC! Way ahead of its time! Shenmue and Tokyo extreme racer were epicNESS

Sarobi1948d ago

Dreamcast was the first console I ever bought entirely on my own, I still love playing it to this day.

BullyMangler1948d ago

this guy dsnt even understand himself .. .

thechosenone1948d ago

lol at Pach getting killed by a lightsaber. I'm starting to like the old dude. o.O

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Agent Smith1948d ago

Not surprising considering the only language he speaks is "Idiot".

Godmars2901948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Well, its not like the majority of JP devs have done things differently than they have from the NES days. And currently their choices, practically ignoring their Western markets with native titles, have just been odd.

As for him not getting their actual games - who cares?

SHORYUKEN1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

First of all. Why on earth does a gamer want to know his opinion anyway?

They should know Patcher is full of shit.

Patcher is to old for gaming. I know for sure he never played FFVII in his hole life or any game in his life besides pac-man and some Tetris.

FACTUAL evidence1948d ago

They don't need to re-make ff7. They need to make a ff better than 7...

FarCryLover1821948d ago

Hmmm, Pachter is actually making sense here (for a change).

Redempteur1948d ago

Patcher doesn't understand FF.

Not a surprise ... at all.

There is more to FF than 2 or 3 weird looking monster s in a sea of good to great looking ones.

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The story is too old to be commented.