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"Bioshock Infinite" promised too much and could only do a little, leaving you wanting more in a bad way.

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Nitrowolf21919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

What a terrible and short review

"However, in this case Irrational Games figured out a way to turn this into a chore. Not only are the locks and safes for all these things practically impossible to find (as in I never found one) but they are all located where you came from, instead of where you are going."

Sounds like they just ran through the game, my first playthrough I found so many of them. In fact some of the health/Vigor upgrades can usually be seen in set moments. Isn't that last sentence contradicting to? Like I said, sounds like they ran through it with little to no exploration, despite the game being pretty linear.

My issue is how short this review is though, they should really take their title and apply it to this review, cause it's lacking so much as to why this game deserves the score you can't possibly take it serious.

Capt-FuzzyPants1919d ago

I must have ended the game with like 30 lock picks. And I feel like I used a lot of them too.

adorie1919d ago

*sigh* you can buy lock picks too...

Irishguy951919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

I literally had 30 lockpicks during the last 3 hours...any I used...I just found more to make it back up to 30, I actually think they gave too much.

I thought it was just me and I had missed some safes and stuff(I don't think I did as I was thorough)

I was quite surprised by this game anyway, I somehow Naturally had a media blackout for it since it's reveal, I didn't even know about the giant robot bird before I played it. Gonna media blackout for alot of games now.

Spinal1918d ago

Quality over Quantity. Stupid reviewer. Wants longer poor quality games.

No thanks. Ill support games like bioshock infinite all my life. Quality over quantity forever!

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Thatguy-3101919d ago

Exactly. The person didn't even bother looking around. When there were locks you could easily find some lock picks around. Plus if you missed some Elizabeth will easily remind you. Any score less than a 9 is ridiculous. But each to their own.

Morgue1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )


Personally I thought the game was a little generous on items such as lock picks, clothing upgrades and so on but challenged you when it came to fighting because it offered a lot of alternatives.

I also enjoyed the first game more than this one and Irrational does get the praise they are due for creating a world that back in those days was only dreamed or read about.

HammadTheBeast1919d ago

It "leaves you wanting more".

Which is why there's a season pass of real DLC coming up, and if you were dissatisfied with the ending, all I can say is, haters gon' hate.

CalvinKlein1919d ago

haah did they really write that ? Both of my times playing it I had max(30) lockpics by the time I was at the midpoint.

Seems like morons are ragging on bioshock for the stupidest reasons, and alot of them have to do with them sucking at the game.

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MattyG1919d ago

Flame-bait, click-bait, jail... wait, that's not right.

coolbeans1919d ago

The title screams irony given the length of this review.

Jagsrock1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

If he would have taken the time to explore ahead of time he would have discovered that you'll find the places that you'll need to use the keys and codebooks before you even get them, so going back isn't that hard. Some of them aren't even that far from where you find the keys/codebooks and have clues nearby. I also felt like the skyline system was used well enough I liked how it was kind of up to you to make the most of them. You didn't necessarily have to use them a ton but they could give your a real advantage in battle and they still played part in the storyline. So I disagree with this assessment but it really doesn't matter since his "disappointing experience" doesn't change the amount of fun I had with the game. I'm looking forward to the DLC.

ApolloTheBoss1919d ago

I want my clicked back. That's money undeserved.

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