Dark Souls II Design a Shield Contest Revealed

GR - "All of that said, success is a routine, and the men and women at Namco Bandai know this all too well. "

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Shuyin1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Grass Cresthield 2.0 ! :D ...or was it Sanctus?!?

Blacktric1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Sanctus was the one designed by a contest winner for Dark Souls.

"This shield's design is by Yusuke Sugomori, winner of the Japan Shield Design contest."

1806d ago
isarai1806d ago

Will they have this competition for the US?

KingMe421803d ago

Sanctus, Effigy, Blood, and Black Iron I believe were the previous winners.

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