Why Tomb Raider Failed as a Reboot

Lara is a vaguely established character in other games, and for this reboot we were told that this game would redefine her. But did it really?

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NewMonday1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

the game is fantastic. it was a big surprise how good it is like the first Batman AA.

the big out of place issue is how a nerd girl becomes Rambo+Batman all of a sudden.

princejb1341895d ago

i havent played the game but all i have heard is many positive things about this game
looking forward to buying it soon

NewMonday1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

the plot is hard to swallow but the gameplay is fantastic.

I have to wishes:

1) Edios to produce Final Fantasy.
2) Crystal Dynamics to make a Rambo game.

ShinMaster1895d ago

It was a good game.
Just not that good of a Tomb Raider game.

Gaming1011895d ago

I'll wait till it's cheap, a skinny little girl who looks like she can't life 15 pounds is somehow able to shoot guns and perform unbelievable athletic feats... lol you can tell the nerds who made this game have never once been on the inside of a gym. Strong girls don't look like skinny little chicks.

NCAzrael1895d ago

I beg to differ, sir. I know more than a few women, and know of several more, who weigh no more than 120 lbs, if that, can lift twice their body weight, and would look amazing in cargo pants and a tight tank top. A woman doesn't have to be ripped to be able to kick ass.

Dee_911894d ago

Well I dont think she is doing unbelievable things.Because in teh story you can tell she had a history of doing most of the stuff she does throughout the game, such as rock climbing and shooting a bow& arrow.I mean most of the stuff she do is possible for someone with training and with that physique gaming101 but her stamina is the only thing unrealistic..
Its a long game but I think they couldve gave us a little more insight & playability prior to the original beginning

shivvy241894d ago

it didnt fail as a reboot , actually it was the best thing that could happen to the franchise

Pxljunk1894d ago

What u waiting for, is worth every penny.

Boody-Bandit1894d ago


Thanks for sharing while not having a clue.

On topic:
I thought this was an excellent reboot. This is the most versatile Tomb Raider ever. I especially liked the finishing moves. They were excellent. When I would down the opposition I would switch weapons just to kill them a specific way.

My only gripe, but it's my problem and not the developers fault, was the action 3rd person camera gave me vertigo at times. Especially when I would run from one location to another and she would turn her head (camera perspective would follow) to hint at me I am passing something up. The more I played the game the less it affect me.

I can't wait for the next TR game as long as it stays on it's new path and expands it further. In other words, I couldn't disagree more with this opinion article.

Pozzle1894d ago

Does it really matter what size Lara Croft is? Since when did games have to go for 100% realism anyway? Hell, just look at Nathan Drake. He isn't massively ripped. Yet he is able to do things that no human (ripped or not) could possibly do. Hurling one's body across chasms only to catch your bodyweight with your fingertips isn't exactly realistic. In fact, there was an article submitted on N4G the other day that was written by a rock-climber and it described why Nathan Drake's climbing style alone is inaccurate and would easily get him killed.

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grifter0241895d ago

I don't know I must be in the minority think this game was mediocre. The devs were up playing this so much as being gritty and dark but all it was is Lara being a bullet sponge, QTE's that you can take your time on without having to be in danger at any point during the QTE..and the story was boring.

Game series are really going downhill at the end of this generation.

Baka-akaB1895d ago

the only thing that was subpar imo was the lack of a 3rd more challenging difficulties , and actual puzzles more in tunes with the old franchise (even if quite frankly , as someone who never liked the serie , i didnt care for it)

sobekflakmonkey1895d ago

I have to agree with you, the game feels mediocre to me, I'm struggling to play through because I find myself bored often, not to mention QTE's really piss me off, I think they're absolutely unnecessary and just plain annoying, and this game is FULL of them, every thing you do theres always some type of lame QTE, the game has good game feel, but that's really about it, just my personal opinion.

ginsunuva1895d ago

Don't worry I also thought this game was slightly boring with no soul to it. Seemed like a generic current-gen action adventure game: linear, tps, unreasonable mowing down of enemy waves, and linear climbing to waste time and bridge gameplay areas.
The tombs and puzzles were decent.

Character and plot was laughable.

Dee_911894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

I hate when someone make an opinion about a game and state how the devs or other people hyped the game, like that shouldnt have anything to do with how you feel about the game.
@ginsunuva the game was far from linear,towards the end I went all the way back to the first forest.Im assuming you just ran through because I snuck around most of the game and rarely "mowed down" enemies.Also I dont recall an actual wave of enemies unless we have a different definition of wave of enemies.

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lilzay333111895d ago

granted it's also explained that she was trained by her mentor for years hint why she was able to get through it.

Reibooi1894d ago

alot of the stuff the guy in the article complains about seems like he didn't pay attention in the game. As you mentioned she was trained by Roth and the game makes that VERY clear so it's not like she magically knew everything to do she did have survival training.

The guy also complains about not really knowing about her background which is also something that is covered in the games Journals. For example he mentioned how was she in school or something. There is a entire Journal in which Sam talks about that and basically tells how Sam brought Lara out of her shell.

I mean what did the guy want a million flashback cut scenes or a lengthy opening sequence in which you play her at school? They put that stuff in there for those who cared to look for it. Is it deep or anything? Maybe not but should in be given the context of the game? I don't think so.

Root1895d ago

For me it was a great game HOWEVER it was not Tomb Raider

It doesn't matter what kind of way you spin it, this game was just not Tomb Raider at heart. I kept thinking to myself in the game this would be fantastic as a new IP.

Plus I wasn't too keen on Laras voice actress, it was terrible. Normal conversation it was fine but when she's screaming, getting angry, yelling, scared etc she sounded horrible.

This is going to sound horrible and I'm sorry but I'm a little glad it failed as a reboot. It gets the message across to other developers that reboots don't always work. Hopefully in the far far future we'll see a new Tomb Raider game which actually plays like one

A reboot in the original timeline of the original Lara Croft from the PS1 days where a young Laras plane goes down in the Himalayas which kills her parents and Fiancée would be amazing. Battling your way across the Himalayas battling wild life and surviving through old tribes tombs left forgotten in the mountains.....if only. Least then you know THAT is the Lara Croft we all know and love

-Superman-1895d ago

Its great game, but it´s not Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider never meant to be a shooter action game. I wanted puzzles, andventures, secrets like first 4 Tomb Raider games were...

LocutusEstBorg1895d ago

You realise those kind of games are mind numbingly boring today?

neoandrew1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

So if some kid, Jason Brody from fc3 becomes super Rambo all of sudden then it is ok?

TekoIie1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

That's... actually a very good point :/

I think its because this was marketed as an origin story to show how she became the character we know today. If anything that criticism shows how much more she means to fans of the franchise.

violents1895d ago

Lots of ppl complained about that too, how do you go from regular brotastic douche to super soldier, Majic tattoos!

GREW50ME1895d ago

You obviously did not pay attention to the story. The characters explain that she was trained, and comes from a long line of adventuring types.... the line "You're a Croft" comes to mind. Jason Brody, on the other hand, makes no sense.....

hano1895d ago

Wasn't a fan of TR before this game nor am I after, it sucked. All drawn out with bad character and trying to make it a movie but it feels like a b movie.

showtimefolks1895d ago

It's an excellent game there are 2 main issues

Story is quite weak not for Lara but for all the side characters. Lara's characteris so developed yet everyone else didn't get the same treatment and this issue stands out

The way she goes from a weak Lara to all of the sudden perfect killer is so glaring and really feels out of place

One ther issue is this game didn't need any MP instead of having a 8HRS campaign maybe more resources should have gone towards making it 12-15 hours long. Not every game needs MP

NewZealander1895d ago

im still playing but just don't want it to end, the game didn't fail in any way, sure the devs may have had totally unrealistic sales targets, but for what it is the new TR is a total success.

it amazes me how people complain about the game being too different, its a REBOOT, if they wanted it to be the same as past games they would have made yet another sequel, yes i wanted more tombs but this is only the beginning, im sure the next game will have more reason to focus on these things, i guess what the devs wanted to focus on was the fact she was a young girl with dreams of being an explorer, but something had to make her the tough, trained, skilled woman she is to become, she is a survivor, that seems to be the main focus in this new game.

BinaryMind1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

This guy talks about why Tomb Raider failed as an origin story, not why it failed to reboot the franchise - which it most certainly did not in terms of reinventing the gameplay and renewing interest in the franchise.

Jaces1894d ago

I hear all these tiny complaints about how she went rambo in a matter of seconds or how she, a tiny girl of only 120 lbs, can perform amazing feats and fight off hoards of bad guys. When your life is on the line I can't imagine it'd be too hard to do whatever you had to do to preserve it.

You guys realize your playing TOMB RAIDER...right? That's how it's always been, what makes it unbelievable now compared to past TR games? As for the plot, again that's typical for a TR game, always some mythical creature or event.

OmegaSlayer1894d ago

Tomb Raider failed way less than DmC.

asmith23061894d ago

The setting for the game bored me to death eventually. The island is so dull and dreary. That they took out underwater gameplay as well annoyed me. Some of the best levels in the franchise are water levels.

Pxljunk1894d ago

Indeed it was a great game, I enjoy every hr, min & sec of the game. Can't wait for the sequel

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NYC_Gamer1895d ago

Tomb Raider[2013] lacked what made the original games special in my opinion

SugarSoSweet1895d ago

It was good but not like the 1st game when you first played the 1st tomb raider on the psx you were blown away

EditorAtGNG1895d ago

Exactly. I think there was a bit too much shooting to be had in a game that's established itself as an action puzzle/platformer. Lara was meant to be a female Indiana Jones (finding treasures, exploring Tombs etc) though she feels way more cold blooded after blowing the head of the 100th mercenarie. Talk about modern Nazis...

Soldierone1895d ago

I agree, and I hope they don't pull a Nolan's Batman mistake. Batman was/is a detective, not once during Nolans movies did they showcase that. Sure he did everything else okay, but he missed major assets to Batman.

However being this is a origin style story, I think it will help transform her. This is just the beginning aspect of her, after this she becomes the treasure hunter because of the experience. It has a lot of building grounds, and if they lead into the old Tomb Raider style, it will make a way bigger impact character wise.

Why o why1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

interesting soldierone. It may be true but what we have here is a better game that hasnt failed in its goal.

It may take someboy else to make something similar to the original tomb raiders like how the 1st dead space did for resident evil.

Problem was tomb raider was becoming stale prior to this reboot and something had to change. They used the influence of uncharted and made a more action/shooting type game with cinematics. Nobody is really complaining especially those who cant remember or never played the originals.

I never thought of batman as a detective. ....even though the adam west show was mainly about it. Nolan brainwashed me lol

Pozzle1894d ago

"I never thought of batman as a detective. ....even though the adam west show was mainly about it. Nolan brainwashed me lol"

It's funny you say that. If I recall correctly, one of Batman's monikers in the comics is "the World's Greatest Detective" :D

legionsoup1895d ago

The game is AWESOME. But it can really only be played once. The perfect rental. Too bad I bought the 100 dollar version. lol

MakiSaad21895d ago

I feel u bro the old tomb raiders ere the best for me

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Godmars2901895d ago

What. Just because it puts her in a situation which can't be readily repeated?

That is to say by the 3rd time she's struggling to survive while killing psychos intent on killing her and a diversified group of friends who've all gotten separated, it will have all gotten stale by the 2nd game.

RazMaTaz01211895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

I loved this game, and while its a different approach to the old Tomb Raiders, It certainly can lead Lara Croft into a badass character in latter titles. I would say this is a much better reboot to that of what DmC was as a reboot.

Jek_Porkins1895d ago

I don't think it failed, I thought it was the best Tomb Raider ever, the story certainly was tops. I think perhaps they had unrealistic launch expectations, but I'm sure by the time the years up the game will have sold really well.

I remember how I felt when I played the first Tomb Raider on PS1, I had a similar feeling with this one, I didn't want to stop playing, and I did something I rarely do, which is continue playing a game after the main story is complete.

gamer78041895d ago

This game departed from the series roots more than any other in the past, it might as well be a different game with just the name lara croft attached to it.

Jek_Porkins1895d ago

Who cares? I hadn't enjoyed a Tomb Raider game in over 10 years and I couldn't stop playing the new one.

Everyone is so concerned over "roots", games like everything else have to grow up a bit and evolve, you cant just have the same thing over and over again.

The game itself was pretty amazing, even if you think it strayed too far, the gameplay, graphics, story were all great.

Baka-akaB1895d ago

at least the franchise had a whole decade and more to give more old fashioned tomb raider gaming .

Underworld was pretty much a standard tomb raider adventure an yet no one cared . it was time for a shake up

gamer78041894d ago

Some people do care about history, myself and other TR fans included. If no one cared, then why not make it a whole different game with a female protagonist?