ActionTrip: LEGO Batman Preview

Most LEGO titles from TT Games were great fun, particularly, when looking at games like LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy. Looking back though, TT Games has disappointed with projects like the mediocre movie-based Transformers. Still, with LEGO games, they've managed to maintain a standard with each product. Of course, it wasn't always perfect. In Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga the developers seem to rely too heavily on a familiar gameplay formula.

While The Complete Saga still delivers when it comes to humor and good old-fashioned LEGO-style fun, in terms of gameplay it was mostly a rehash of earlier LEGO games. Hopefully, TTG will take the franchise a bit further with their next endeavor, LEGO Batman, in addition to incorporating everything that made previous titles fun to play. The game is currently being created for all platforms and is scheduled to arrive later during 2008.

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jinn3751d ago

how about Lego Halo?