Alien Chaos 3D Nintendo 3DS Nintendo Review (Cubed3)

"There's something suitably retro about 2D side-scrolling shooters. Players whisk through platform-based levels, storming a load of enemies with a platter of bullets in a bid to leave nothing in their wake and take down the enemy at the end. Alien Chaos 3D aims to do things a little differently by keeping the player in an enclosed space, a room or section of an exterior and spawning waves of enemies who have only one goal in mind, to pounce and peck until the life metre drops to zero. It's the classic take on the contemporary horde mode in modern shooters and a throwback to games like Total Carnage and Berzerk. Can a retro concept reignite the arcade feeling in a world filled with explosive first-person shooters and fantasy adventures?", writes Cubed3.

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