CheatCC Review: Condemned 2: Bloodshot - Certifiably Scary

CheatCC writes: "When I took on Condemned 2: Bloodshot, I was pretty excited. Sure, I've played a whole bunch of "horror" games in my time, mostly from the Resident Evil series. But as most gamers will tell you, Resident Evil is not very scary. Games like F.E.A.R. and Silent Hill are scary games. And if I'm being honest, I have never made it through any of those games. I knew Condemned 2: Bloodshot was going to be a scary game, but I didn't realize just how terrifying a game could be. Condemned 2: Bloodshot definitely represents a great entry in the horror genre, and it's not just because it has a creepy story behind it. Condemned 2: Bloodshot offers an immersive experience that looks, sounds, and genuinely feels like a horror game should. "

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