The 50 most important games of all time

GamesRadar - Video games have come a long way since their inception. In the beginning, they often took the form of text-based adventures and ambiguous displays of pixels meant to represent characters or objects. Now? We've got visuals so stunningly realistic that it's sometimes hard to tell a virtual car from a real one, and bite-sized downloadables stylized as throwbacks to the old days. But we wouldn't be where we are today without the following 50 games--the most important ones of all time.

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imsocool12341953d ago

Another of these types of posts.

guitarded771953d ago

Yeah, but I checked it out, and some real thought and work went into this list. Of the "these types of posts", this is a good one for discussion, and teaches some history to gaming.

imsocool12341952d ago

I understand that, but we get one of these every week though lol.

Eyeco1953d ago

This list is a jumbled mess, some games are far too high on the list, some are far too low, some games shouldn't even be on the list regardless of the explanation like Angry Birds seriously Angry Birds

legionsoup1953d ago

I think you're missing the point of the list. It says "most important" - not "best." Without the number 1 and 2 games on this list, for example, we wouldn't even have video games. And can you really argue Super Mario Brothers, Doom, and Zelda being up there?

Eyeco1953d ago

I'm not missing anything, I agree for the most part every game included in this list, I just have gripe with the placement, because this is a top 50 most important games list, the higher the placement indicates how relevant each game was to gaming.

Do you honestly think a game like Angry Birds is more important of a game than the likes of MGS, Myst, Civillisation, Tetris, LOZ OoT. Or what about games not included in the list ,like Pac-Land, Pit Fall, Another World, System Shock 1-2.

Those games aren't on the list but Angry Birds, Wii-Sports, COD 4 are, and the arguments for them being on the list is purely commercial appeal.

When I think of an album, movie, book, or game being important, I think of something changing the respective medium for the better.
For example a game like COD hasn't really changed gaming for the better.

You could argue that COD's success is one of the biggest reason's as to why the industry is saturated with shooters, why where seeing an unusual amount of sequels yet so few new IP's, why where seeing half assed multiplayer slapped on to every game, why we've seeing campaign lengths drop from 10-15 hours to 4-6 hours, why the Survival Horror genre is pretty much dead, why the JRPG is almost dead, why this generation has dragged on for this long, why where still gaming on 2004-06 hardware in the year 2013, why there been a general lack of creativity in the industry this gen.

Capt-FuzzyPants1953d ago

I feel like one day, years from now, KH will be up there. I feel like it has inspired a lot of people and a lot of the new developers that come into the business a couple of years from now will attribute their passion to KH.

delboy1953d ago

If KH=Kingdom Hearts then hell NO

superterabyte1953d ago

Am I the only person who doesn't understand why people play these weird anime games? here are my reasons:

.They are cartoons you are not children
.They often have ridiculous story's
.They use such outdated gameplay mechanics i.e. turn based
.They are sometimes perverted and some delve into what I consider pedophilia

I think maybe people 'like' anime because it's niche and they are closet hipsters.

Greyslash1953d ago

>picture is Gears of War
welp, heres one article I'm not reading.

xabmol1953d ago

Could have sworn that game was very important for the 360 and many games copied its mechanics though, so, like, yeah, and stuff.

And I am scoffing at #11. *Scoff* Even though it does belong on this list. Personally would have put it below OoT and MGS though...

coolbeans1953d ago

50. Zork
49. Gran Turismo
48. ET
47. FarmVille
46. Resident Evil
45. Runescape
44. King's Quest
43. DDR
42. Civilzation
41. Gears of War
40. Starsiege: Tribes
39. Command & Conquer
38. SimCity
37. Warcraft III
36. Shenmue
35. Myst
34. Metroid
33. League of Legends
32. Minecraft
31. Diablo
30. Halo 2
29. Tomb Raider (original)
27. Call of Duty 4
26. Starcraft
25. Metal Gear Solid
24. Tetris
23. Virtua Racing
22. LoZ: Ocarina of Time
21. WoW
20. Angry Birds
19. Goldeneye 007
18. Mortal Kombat
17. Super Mario 64
16. Space Invaders
15. Quake
14. Donkey Kong
13. Street Fighter II
12. Pac-Man
11. Wii Sports
9. Half-Life
8. Pokemon Red & Blue
7. Everquest
6. Legend of Zelda
5. The Sims
4. Doom
3. Super Mario Bros.
2. Pong
1. Spacewar!

Don't you hate it when sites use slides for these? >:(

legionsoup1953d ago

I would have personally added Virtua Fighter. Until that came out, every fighting game was in 2D.

xabmol1953d ago

Still the best fighting series out there too.

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