BioShock Infinite DLC - Seven stories we want to see

GamesRadar - Irrational Games has promised that BioShock Infinite will be getting three story-driven add-ons over the next few months. In fact, you can buy a Season Pass right now to automatically get each DLC pack as it’s released and save some money in the process. Given the game’s ending, however, it might seem difficult to imagine where any more plot could possibly fit into the narrative.

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adorie1956d ago

To add, they've added new achievements on Steam, no info next to them, just placeholders. DLC for Infinite is imminent.

I'll be watching to see if the DLC adds anything good before I buy.

1956d ago
Conzul1955d ago

It would be fun if they let us go through that tear where CCR was playing (near the gunsmith portion of the game). Can you see Elizabeth and Booker at a concert? I can, because I'm unwell.

Rather, most valuable DLC would add a New Game Plus mode. I want to play through with all my collected vigors and cloths from the beginning dammit! What's that power where you charge at someone? I used it maybe 2 times. Gee, give me the ability to play through again and I'll maybe get to have more....WHAT'S THIS?? fun!