The Xbox Live Police

For the civil, Xbox Live can be a wondrous place. Chatting with friends, gaming with loved ones over vast distances, the crossing of cultural and national borders, it's just great. Indeed, it's probably the strongest weapon in Microsoft's console wars arsenal. Thing is, a lot of people on Xbox Live aren't civil. They're Asshats. And I'll have you note that's with a capital "A". Bigotry, unfair play and general, well, asshattery amongst a lot of users mean that for every pleasant experience on Xbox Live you may well end up having one that's thoroughly unpleasant. Maybe even offensive.

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DarkSniper3692d ago

This is a reason why PLAYSTATION® Network is the more preferred source for all of your online gaming needs. At no charge, you can interact with the Playstation community to discuss your gaming interests and beyond. The Sony Playstation community has a more mature, peer-to-peer freindly and fun-loving community than you would see on XBOX Live. Xbox live only fuels the existing hatred that exists on this planet.

Which is why Microslaves have been personally offended due to Dark Sniper informing the world that each and every Microslave has paid 50.00 to associate themselves with a barren wasteland full of crap.


dachiefsman3692d ago

seriously how do you even have 3 bubbles.....

Xbox Live just as PSN have arseholes.....just because its Sony doesn't mean it has little angels playing on every game and are a fool to believe that....

Rocko3692d ago

When nobody has a damn mic its easy to say that. Your nothing but a spammer. Mods, ban this prick.

Truplaya3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

maybe, but you cant read messages while in games, chat to friends that may be online playing a different game, do a 'join session in progress' when you see a friends online, and many more things that make xbox live a superior online service.

Plus, just mute idiots, play with good people and you will have what ever type of experience you want from it. I have a friend who only uses live when one of his mates in real life invites him for a game

Truplaya3692d ago

Just one person's experience.

Find the mute function then come back and make a sensible comment.

Breakfast3692d ago

I kinda look past the asshats. All theyre doing is smack talking. Iv played sports all my life and it was the same...people saying stupid crap to throw you off your game. Im guessing the people who take offense to this have never played a competitive sport in there lives

dachiefsman3692d ago

the mute button is awesome...

hopefully they will introduce a party voice chat people can say and at as they want privately with their friends.....cause somethings are offensive to some people while not to others...

jiinn3692d ago

More anti-MSFT trolling from Kotaku. What a suprise. As if the kiddies on PSN are any different.

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The story is too old to be commented.