PSLS’ Morning Wood Episode 006: A Boy and His Guitar

Welcome to episode 6 of Morning Wood – this week Chandler grabs a guitar primarily to look good, but attempts are made to play it too. He shares his thoughts on EA being voted the worst company in America and he implores you to help him come up with a feasible name for the Morning Wood fans. This week also features the return of the very popular Sebastian Asks feature, and there is a terrible secret about Jason Dunning. Here’s a hint: He spells ‘favorite’ with a ‘U’.

This Morning Wood lasts a long time. Wood may need to see a doctor, but meanwhile, enjoy episode 6.

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knifefight1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

When a console dies, this show should be called Mourning Wood.

The upcoming generational change means an potential comedic gold mine with this one.

dbjj120881921d ago

This. Can't wait for the Mourning Wood post-mortem on PS3.