Cliff Bleszinski Believes AAA Games Are Taking Less Risks

When it comes to the video game industry, Cliff Bleszinski is someone that most everyone knows thanks to the amazing success of Gears of War. For most of the two decades he worked at Epic Games, he spent a lot of time as the face of the company, especially as Design Director. Now temporarily retired, Bleszinski is recharging his creative battery and enjoying life in North Carolina.

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gamerlive1949d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing what Cliff does next.

Godmars2901949d ago

So that it may be mocked for this article when it doesn't take any chances? Is nothing but a profanity laced Gears clone?

HammadTheBeast1949d ago

lol the irony of this coming from him.

omi25p1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Can i borrow your crystal ball i want to know what to choose in the lottery.

Gears of War 1 took risks. It was one of the first new ips this generation and it showed everyone how to design a Third person shooter with a cover system. Then he made 2 sequels.

Who knows what the next ip will be

Godmars2901949d ago

How about looking at how Gears 1 took the chance of being a survival horror, at least used those elements, and the sequels degraded into run - cover - and guns? Instead of furthering an idea, he and Epic fell back to what was safe.

And the same mistake with Molyneux and Carmack happen: after either doing nothing or the same thing for years, people expected them to come up with fresh ideas. They didn't. And Bleszinski been more of a mouth piece than he's been a game maker.

At the very least his fans should keep an open mind in regards to anything new he does instead of mindlessly defending it. Especially if its bad.

Septic1949d ago

What about Horde mode or Beast mode? How many games have copied the former idea? What about Unreal Tournament?

How about Unreal Championship, that melded first and third person perspectives together?

Godmars2901949d ago

You're missing the point why there are too many FPS games is that there are too many FPS games. Its a "not seeing the forest for the trees" problem.

BlmThug1949d ago

Is it the hipster thing on N4G to hate on Cliff? The man has contributed in a positive way to the gaming community despite the hate for him

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3-4-51949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

It is their own fault ( companies / dev's )...

Instead of spending $70 million on one game, spend $20 million each and give us 3 games.

Tzuno1949d ago

He transforms in the next Michael Pachter.

DaThreats1949d ago

Well next game you are working on, I expect you to take risks.

Root1949d ago

Oh because Gears of War 3 took so much risk /s

Eyeco1949d ago

Yeah I was thinking the exact same thing, he has somewhat of a point tho it's just really ironic considering this is the guy behind Unreal, and Gears the latter's recent release has been criticised for being same old.

asyouburn1949d ago

But in his defense, he wasn't making gears himself, he was making it for epic. I would assume they have ultimate control over which direction the game takes. Hopefully his next game does take risks and stands out from the safe "gritty shooter" box it's so firmly planted in

MikeMyers1949d ago

From the article:
"Games are starting to solve all of that, but with AAA games we’re seeing less risk due to the fact that there’s a lot of money involved."

This is true. Perhaps Cliff left Epic because he grew tired of the franchise and wants to do new things? It's probably why Bungie left because they were likely told to keep making Halo. Insomniac probably went independent because they wanted to create a new IP and one that they have full control on.

That is where the innovation and new ideas will come from the most, independent developers. When you have a hit game they will always want you to make more of them. Be it Gears, Halo or God of War.

When you invest 10's of millions of dollars they want as few risks as possible. That's another reason why we see so many reboots. They can take an existing IP and try and create a new franchise out of it because the name still holds value. Halo Wars would likely not have sold as well as it did if not for the Halo attached to it. Put Star Wars on anything and it will sell.

The new battle ground will be the smaller scale titles like The Witness.

NYC_Gamer1949d ago

I hope his next project takes risk instead of being just another shooter

nevin11949d ago

I wouldnt be surpised if we see even more casual games vs core.

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