And the winner is...Canada's top-selling video games

According to the just-released NPD Canada data, Nintendo held onto the no. 1 spot once again with Canada's most purchased video game in February, but failed to dominate the Top 10 list for the month. Here's a look at the Top 10 best-selling video games for February '08.

1. Play – from Nintendo – Nintendo Wii
2. Rock Band – from MTV Games/Electronic Arts – Xbox 360
3. Guitar Hero III – from Activision – Xbox 360
4. Turok – from Touchstone Games – Xbox 360
5. Rock Band – from MTV Games/Electronic Arts – PlayStation 2

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ChaosKnight3754d ago

Now how did Turok get into 4th up here? haha. Kind of surprised on DMC4 being so low.

Tempist3754d ago

I don't know... but shocked to see Rock Band PS2 beating Rock Band PS3...

kornbeaner3754d ago

When I first saw the story pic, I was gonna say "Roll it up" but then I realized what kind of leaf it was :(

jinn3754d ago

canada plays completely different games compared to us