Tax Evaders Video Game Sheds Interactive Light On Corporate Greed

Protesters had something to do as they gathered in 10 cities like New York, Baltimore, Seattle, New Orleans, Milwaukee, Tampa, Gainesville and Hawaii from April 10 through Tax Day, April 15. That’s because there were giant projections on the sides of corporate buildings like Citibank allowing them to use a Wii controller or Kinect for Xbox 360 to battle corporate greed virtually.

Tax Evaders, which is also available to play for free online at, is a humorous take on Space Invaders that offers more than just the chance for a high score. With the nation busy making last-minute preparations for the IRS tax deadline, this original game is literally shedding light (through projection technology designed for Occupy Wall Street) on one of the problems this country faces because of corporate loopholes and a government controlled by special interest groups.

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gamerlive1868d ago

This is a great example of how a serious game can become a serious protest weapon.