Opinion: Free-To-Play is the Answer to Potential DRM Features for Next-Gen Consoles

VG Republic Writes: The rumors are swirling about for the next generation systems that are hitting later this year. One of the biggest complaints that still has the gaming community reeling is the thought that the next generation will be implementing a Digital Rights Management software that would limit the ability for gamers to share, buy, or even sell the games that they are in possession of because the gaming company is only letting them utilize the software on a disk, not owning the software outright. So how do gamers combat this and show their disdain should each of the upcoming systems choose to go in this direction? The answer is to simply support the Free-To-Play games that have already begun to creep up on the radar. With Free-To-Play gamers are offered micro-transactions to improve their weapons, perks, armor, or anything else that you can think of to improve your chances in the game.

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Godmars2901921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

Can't MS going along with such. they'll only want to put it behind the contradiction of their XBL paywall.

Likely exactly why the new Ridge Racer freeium title is PC/PS3.

Flavor1921d ago

I love F2p games (league of legends, war thunder, planetside 2), but at the same time I understand that there are some genres that simply do not work under the model.

How could you make a f2p dark souls or bioshock? A f2p CoD without 'pay to win' items that give an advantage?

Oh and PS bioshock infinite was overrated.

Soldierone1921d ago

Limit lives per game.
Pay to unlock "special" areas.
Pay for special weapons or gear.

COD could be one or two maps with 5 guns, the rest will be pay for each map and gun packs. They could also limit respawns.

This is why I don't want free-to-play models. Sure the small guys do it right, but why the hell does everyone think the big guys want it? They selling it to you by saying "look its awesome" so when it becomes standard they can screw you. Look at DLC.....

Tiqila1921d ago

i hate free to play and ingame commercials

Roccetarius1921d ago

Indeed it is. F2P brings with it much worse issues in games. In many cases, it's a shallow experience, unless you're willing to lay down the cash.

Flavor1920d ago

Try DOTA 2 and League of Legends. F2P done right.

miyamoto1921d ago

Sony invested heavily and addressed piracy very well with PS3 & I am sure they will do a better job with PS4.

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