Game Buzz | Episode 27 - In Defence of Microsoft

Dealspwn writes: This week, we find ourselves playing devil's advocate a lot. First we defend Windows 8's honour, and argue not only that it's possible the OS might not actually be the reason PC sales are down, but that it's made PC's accessible for many for the first time in years; we look at the latest rumblings from the rumour-mill, specifically Durango's backwards-compatibility or lack thereof, microtransactions potentially coming to Halo, and the resurfacing of Ryse on our radars; we chat a little about Bethesda's noise about noise, beg them to finish Prey 2, and look at Pete Hines' words on day-one DLC. Finally, we briefly discuss the emergence of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, the new Dark Souls II gameplay footage, and the Flashback sequel from Paul Cuisset.

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Ashlen1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Why should Microsoft need defense? If they made better more consumer friendly decisions people would praise them on there own merits.

1839d ago
BuffMordecai1839d ago

Defending the undefendable.