The Issue: EA Isn’t the Worst, We May Be

For the second year in a year, mega-publisher EA received The Consumerist's nod for being the worst company in America. But as bad as microtransactions and always-on DRM can be, this "award" almost makes Gamers Association editor Nick Cane ashamed to be called a gamer. Find out why inside.

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pompombrum1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Well everyone says that if you don't like something, vote with your wallets, The Consumerist just gives us an additional form of voting. EA makes many anti consumer decisions each year without any respect or care in the world for gamers. That hardly puts them up there with funding terrorists but I'll happily take 10 seconds out of my day to cast a vote and then grab the popcorn when you hear people like Peter Moore come out sweating.