First GeForce 9800GX2 review, driver issues delays Quad-SLI

"Even though it's still a week or so to go before GeForce 9800GX2 will be officially unveiled, Chinese website PCOnline has already posted the first review. Do keep in mind that the drivers are premature and buggy, for example, the card refuses to work in 3D on X38, even though it is suppose to work. However, if you want to run Quad-SLI you will need an NVIDIA chipset. The overall performance is, as expected, just breathtaking at high resolutions. The Radeon HD 3870X2 gets whipped in every benchmark, brutally with AA/AF activated.

Stories are also going around that Quad-SLI will not be available when the GeForce 9800GX2 hits the market on March 18. The reason is suppose to be the drivers and poor scaling of more than two GPUs. "

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solar3633d ago

thats some crazy resolutions :D it will be fun to see other reviews where i can read wth the reviewer is saying :D

bootsielon3633d ago

I wonder if you could play Crysis with 4xAA, 16AF, 2560x1600, and surpass 60FPS.

Spydr073633d ago

Not sure, but what I'm really looking forward to is playing Super Mario 3 on that thing. Man, can you imagine the potential?

mirroredderorrim3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

+60fps is nice. But I don't think we notice anything higher than that. So, above 60fps would be nice if you're running more than just Crysis. Soon Crysis is going to be easily playable with the new GPUS and I mean playable in the maxed settings, above 60fps.

mirroredderorrim3633d ago

I will be keeping tabs on the new GPUS. CPUS aren't doing too much these days, except getting a bit faster, fat caches and loaded with more cores. 8 cores on a single chip, anyone?

I wouldn't mind seeing the GPU steal some ground from the CPU, but we need more advanced tech to see how that will play out. TBH, though.. GPUS are bringing way better breakthroughs with every release.

While the cache is ever raised and the voltage needed to power up god on a chip is getting lower and the process in producing the chips is getting smaller and smaller. a Smaller CPU, and by smaller I mean at least 32nm-.. that is the true advantage CPUs have over GPUs at the moment. But if someone can figure out to create a super GPU that can handle CPU tasks and it's native Graphical tasks...size could be irrelevant. I think companies are going to race to be the first to bring out a do all in one chip. Ideally this theoretical chip is small, very low power consumption, multi-core, communicates with all hardware without middleman hardware to communicate and thus cause some bottle necks and whatever other hinderings.

Tech is going to get very interesting, indeed. I'll do more research when I land this month, in Narita, Japan.

Grado SR-603633d ago

Would feel sorry for anyone purchasing an expensive 9800 series as it is just an updated version of 8800 tech. Nvidia would have launched new chips that are rumored to be somewhat ready but as it stands they have no competition from ati to release their new stuff so why the hell would they bother.