N4G March Contest

Contributors of the Month
Submit news and get a top 10 contributor ranking in March and you can win up to $500. To improve your chances of winning please read the N4G News posting tips.

It is now the submisson score which will decide who wins. This means that submitting news for the Wii, PC, Dev news and other news types which don't get as hot as PS3 and 360 news will no longer be a disadvantage when it comes to winning the monthly contests.

The prizes are as follow:

First place: $500
Second place: $300
Third place : $200

Also all other contributors who get a top 10 rank receives $100 each.

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kingofps33692d ago

When will you be rewarding good managing in the pending news section?

toughNAME3692d ago

Why not some UR recognition

kingofps33692d ago

Yeah, why not? The best user review gets a... $1000!

Spike473692d ago

how about you guys give me a chance to get in that number 10. LOL