Gametrailers- Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: Jetstream Review

GT:When you consider you're getting roughly two chapters' worth of content, the 10 dollar price tag seems fair, especially when measured against the length of Raiden's campaign. It easily satisfies those who crave more time with their high frequency blades, and mixes the feel of the combat up just enough to keep it interesting without sacrificing the core experience. Just be warned: Sam isn't a rookie; you'll need some skills to fill these shoes.

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DaThreats1895d ago

looks good
Gna have to wait for the GOTY edition now

N4GCB1895d ago

Oh.... I didn't even consider that. DAMN!

Buuhan11895d ago

It's a great game, but do you honestly think it'll be any major publications GOTY? Also Konami doesn't really seem to release GOTY/Gold/etc versions of their games.

StrawberryDiesel4201895d ago

It's the best ninja game out to date. It's one of my favorite games and it really came out of the blue for me anyway.