Weekly Sales Analysis, 6 April - DEFIANCE

Worldwide Hardware:

1: 3DS - 121,215 (-14%)
2: PS3 - 113,669 (-14%)
3: X360 - 82,010 (-9%)
4: WiiU - 46,818 (-32%)
5: PSV - 35,113 (-34%)
6: Wii - 21,233 (-17%)
7: DS - 20,203 (-12%)
8: PSP - 16,327 (-28%)

Worldwide Software:

1: (3DS) Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - 278,880
2: (X360) BioShock Infinite - 176,178
3: (X360) DEFIANCE - 173,399
4: (PS3) BioShock Infinite - 110,510
5: (X360) Gears of War: Judgment - 88,471
6: (PS3) Tomb Raider (2013) - 72,163
7: (X360) Tomb Raider (2013) - 66,020
8: (PS3) DEFIANCE - 65,174
9: (PS3) God of War: Ascension - 54,428
10: (PC) DEFIANCE - 53,551

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Xyla1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

ps3 sells the most worldide as a console because its the best with the most exclusive titles and 3ds sells the most as a portable system because its very cheap with some good games. ps vita needs a price drop because it has good games but will definitely need a lot more games as sony drops the price.

the wii u is a failure because nintendo released a garbage system and its lacking games and need lots of it. the wii u might be able to sell another million by years end and might manage to sell about eighteen million by the year 2020.

no pc games in the worldwide top ten software sales section like 99 percent of the time because most pc gamers like to steal games. its good that all pc games will be on consoles like ps4 and next box so developers can actually make money. i like to support good developers that works hard to make the games i like so i dont think its fair to steal their games. i like sequels to certain of my favourite franchises and new games from my favourite developers.

i also dont mind playing games at 30fps at 720p 1080p or whatever because even though i would prefer 60fps for all games, 30fps isnt a big deal to me. one a game is good its good and 30fps isnt a deal breaker nor is 720p. i undersand some pc fanboys love to talk about console gamers being budget gamers but they play on cheaply built systems that runs their games marginally better than 7yr old consoles. they talk about console games costing more but their gaming rigs costs way more than consoles and even with cheaply built pcs that are still more expensive than consoles they need to upgrade parts to even run certain games. pc gaming is for suckers

animegamingnerd1923d ago

most PC gamers buy games digitally and vgcharts doesn't take digital sales into account

Xyla1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

excuses excuses. most pc games are stolen more than they are actually purchased by legitimate pc gamers. a lot of pc gamers are thieves and they dont buy any games and thats why there are barely any pc exclusives and pc games in top ten sales charts. all the proper pc exclusives are either on consoles or coming to consoles. the remaining pc games are so crap that devs dont even bother bringing them to consoles. pc gamers cant name any good exclusives on pc that a lot of console gamers care about but console gamers can name a lot of exclusives on consoles.

i game on pc so i know how inconvenient it is. its massive, its loud and it lacks proper exclusives. it runs a few games exceptional now over consoles but those games have been surpassed by killzone shadow fall in alpha. i cant wait for the ps4 a smaller and more quiet gaming system with unified services and features not available anywhere else.

so ill go from playing a gaming system that is (L)22.3 x (W)10 x (H)21.7 inches and cost over 4k to a system the ps4 that is way smaller and cost around 450quid that plays more exclusives and can outperform most pcs available for gaming

RTheRebel1923d ago

A Sony Drone calling someone a fanboy ohhhhhh the irony it hurts lol

revben1923d ago

70 % of pc games are sold digitally, and vgcharts does not account for that. If pc games are so unsuccessful, how come diablo 3 has sold more than gears, god of war, halo 4, uncharted etc. how come starcraft tells millions of copies, skyrim over 5 million copies, why crisis sold more as a pc exclusive than combine on console. I could go on and on

Ravenor1923d ago

The counter point to obnoxious PC gamers always spouting their specs or how their rigs can play any game at a framerate higher than consoles, is you.

You're clearly either incredibly misinformed or just a bad and incredibly sad troll. Is it a terrible and lonely existence you have? Does the sadness claw at you day and night and the only reprieve you find is by trolling?

Either way, I've already wasted enough time on someone without the capacity for rational unbiased thought.

Sykoticz1923d ago

"no pc games in the worldwide top ten software sales section like 99 percent of the time because most pc gamers like to steal games. its good that all pc games will be on consoles like ps4 and next box so developers can actually make money. i like to support good developers that works hard to make the games i like so i dont think its fair to steal their games."

Read and think before you speak please. Steam and Origin have alot of sales and as someone else said they are "digital downloads vgcharts doesn't take digital sales into account"

Also slot of people mod there consoles.

nintendojunkie281922d ago

How in the world did PSNintyGamer's comment elicit such a response?..LOL...seriously dude?!..seriously? This site is f#%!ed!

jcnba281922d ago

Damn Luigi's on fire bro!!

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delboy1923d ago

GoW sales are pretty low, another failed ps exclusive game.
Where are those Sony boys now,why don't they buy those great exclusive games, I guess they are just talk.

IRetrouk1923d ago

I bought GOW, you dont honestly think that every game sells to every gamer do you?

jessupj1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

I'm busy buying all the other great Sony exclusives. I'm spoilt for choice.

You on the other hand had 2 games last year and it looks like this year you will have 1. Quite pathetic really.

I literally can't comprehend why anyone would be a MS supporter.

BABYLEG1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Luigi sucking up the competition like a dyson

look at the difference in sales between defiance on 360 vs ps3. That'll make any dev wanna go Xbox exclusive

guess we know which GOW sold more

DarthJay1923d ago

Not really. It'll make multiplat devs keep selling to both.

Can't compare the two GOW. Different audiences. I bought Gears Of War and not God Of War because I enjoy shooters more than hack and slash. And yes, I have both consoles.

Army_of_Darkness1923d ago

Look at the difference in sales with defiance?! Lol! What does that even mean?! Lol! Maybe, just maybe some Of us such as myself don't really care for an mmo type of game... also try to consider our "other" gaming options as well:-)

AkatsukiPain1923d ago

The lack of new exclusives will lead to that. The ps3 is well balanced with gamers buying all kinds of games. If u noticed Alan Wake sales werent really good at all and is prolly why microsoft stopped investing in triple A exclusives due to bad sales. Dont blame them but they never were the type of corp to take many risks if they weren't sure it would lead to successful sales.

cyberninja1923d ago

Sales don't equal quality genius, and if you think they are I feel bad for you.

PS4isKing_821923d ago

Seriously? What did u expect? That's what most Xbox fans play are shooters so its no surprise at all. Xbox is a shooter console. #dealwithit.

As for me, I'll continue gaming with ps since they offer more choice and variety in the genres of games. PS4life.

Skips1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Not really much of a difference kiddo.

It's actually pretty pathetic on Microsoft's side considering it's the ONLY 360 exclusive to be coming out this year.

You'd expect 360 fans being able to go out and buy ONE EXCLUSIVE GAME. XD

Anyways... We ALL know which GOW actually DELIVERED to it's fans, and didn't turn out to be a MASSIVE disappointment. :D

Amazon Buyers: 4.2 / 5
GameStop Buyers: 8.6 / 10


Amazon Buyers: 2.7 / 5
GameStop Buyers: 5.9 / 10

MysticStrummer1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

"look at the difference in sales between defiance on 360 vs ps3. That'll make any dev wanna go Xbox exclusive"

Yet PS3 got the best version at launch and 360 got the worst. lol

I'm talking about how smooth the launch was by the way, not graphics. 360 had the most problems, PS3 had the least, and PC was in the middle.

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Realplaya1923d ago

Luigi's mansion on one console almost outsold defiance on 3.

Belking1923d ago

God of War Ascension sales were disappointing. Gear of War judgement too but they broke 1 million.

1923d ago
Ezz20131923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )


i don't care about vgchartz and their numbers are made up like always and i have said that since my first day on this site
but now let me point out your Hypocrisy
you said this in another vgchartz sales rumor topic :
***"No it hasn't dude. For gods sake this is Vg charts on N4G. No need to say more. "***

and now trust their numbers and they are right ?!


Belking1922d ago

My numbers don't come from Vg It's funny how Vg charts is only wrong when Xbox numbers are higher. GOWA and Gears sales are disappointing
compared to the ones before them. If that bugs you then that's your problem.

Ezz20131922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

lol go read my comment history ...since i come here
i said vgchartez numbers are wrong no matter ps3 numbers are higher or not
on the other hand are the one doing flip flop when ever you like the numbers from them or not

like i said i don't care about what vgchartz at all
i just loved to point out your hypocrisy
also where are your numbers coming from then ?! since neither MS or Sony showed those games numbers yet

StreetsofRage1923d ago

Defiance had gotten my interest as of late. It's a very bold move to connect both the tv with this game. And having a ever changing world based on the show sounds like a great idea. I read some great reviews on this game. I might give it a try. I'll take the 360 version since its a MMO and the more players the better.

MysticStrummer1923d ago

It's a great game. 360 had the worst launch, but from what I've read it's improved a lot since then.

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