Analyst: Has EA Lost its Product Development Luster?

Deutsche Bank's Jeetil Patel notes that market share declines at EA have been masked by Rock Band, and he's questioned the publisher's product portfolio.

"We continue to believe that EA's title slate lacks diversified quality and that its catalog titles are underperforming as reflected in its consistent market share losses these past few quarters," Patel said. "The company does have new IP but there is little reason to believe that EA can turnaround its fundamental studio product quality in the span of 3-4 quarters. Needless to say, FY09 will represent the proving ground in terms of whether the company has lost its product development luster or whether the leader is back on top."

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Sez 3661d ago

is this the reason why EA need to aquire T2.EA has been slipping for years.they need to focus on inproving their current IPs.and stop trying to by the competition.

eagle213661d ago

Now I want to see if they will improve on Skate or give it

Danja3660d ago

EA got comfortable over the years and ignored there competiton but now..Activision has lit a fire under there arse....

I hope T2 dont buying to in EA's lil scam...cuz GTA is one of my fav Franchise would hate to see it get destroyed by EA...

and i did like SKATE....just hope they get it right this time on the PS3..

xplosneer3660d ago

But the online was a lag fest. The innovated controls only got it halfway. I just couldn't justify a buy even though it was 10x better than TH though.

Genesis53660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

EA used to have product development luster.They do seem to fall under the quanity over quality banner.

zapass3660d ago

that awarded the 360 'best console in history'?
gamedaily == foxnews

Electronic Arts3660d ago


but why the hell was xbox 360 put no 1 on best consoles

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