Playstation Vita 2.1 Firmware Review I Expansive

Unquestionably, Sony’s handheld got off to a troubled start, and while it’s still not out of the woods yet, it’s definitely starting to come into its stride. Along with Playstation Mobile and a string of cross-play titles and Indie games, the announcement of extensive PS4 support has suddenly turned the handheld into Sony’s ace in the hole as they journey back to the top of the gaming mountain.

While this latest update doesn’t push the hardware further forward, the new, subtle features are extremely useful and really do showcase Vita as a multi-use platform, capable of more than just vidya games.

So what comes with 2.1? The main addition is Folders. The Playstation store is pretty extensive for Vita owners now and so many titles are download only. As one might expect), the menu screen can get pretty cluttered.

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Mounce1953d ago

Review....of a firmware update?...

What the fuck.

Can you even play this? How's the gameplay? Good story? Is it a AAA-firmware update?


Dj7FairyTail1953d ago ShowReplies(3)
BullyMangler1953d ago

does this firmware fix the wrongly designed and placed joysticks of the vita?

CDbiggen1953d ago

Wrongly designed and placed? You're kidding right? This is the best feeling handheld I've ever bought.

andibandit1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Lol they ran out of games to review

not that anyone reads them anyway, judging from the low number of comments on vita related topics.
maybe theyre busy playing... i mean testing the new firmware.

CommonSenseGamer1953d ago

Folders...really? It took ages for Sony to introduce the much wanted folder support for the PSP. Would have thought any modern O/S would come out with them day 1 nowadays.

G20WLY1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Well they're there now, so why does it matter?

The best part? The community spoke and Sony listened.


CommonSenseGamer1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

I was part of the community who was requesting folders for the PSP and eventually Sony responded. I don't think its right to have to re-request basic features each time new h/w is released. Yes its great Sony listened (again) but they should not be patted on the back each time they give us back what we already had.

Oh but then my opinion doesn't matter because although I own multiple PSPs and PS3s I'm still classed a MS fanboy because I've not got a Vita.

G20WLY1952d ago

Oh right, well thanks for clearing that up...

*slips unconscious through boredom*

remanutd551953d ago

Next thing you know they will be adding firmware updates to metacritic lol, what a joke the gaming press has become this generation.

ginsunuva1953d ago

Still waiting for reviews of game patches.

Skate-AK1953d ago

I think I have seen one on YouTube about the PS3 Skyrim patch haha.

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