Rocksteady Confident With New Team Batman: Arkham Origins

Speaking through the latest issue of Game Informer, Sefton Hill as director of both the previous title Batman: Arkham, expressed confidence in the studio Rocksteady Studios heir to the work of gold.

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ifritAlkhemyst1952d ago

No shit, as if they can say anything else. Learn to post actual news from obvious PR crap.

Root1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Developers always do this, more sales for this game mean more money for the company they are under and if they have more money then they are happy....and if they are happy they won't get p***** off at Rocksteady in any way making there jobs safe and secure.

Capcom said the same with Slant Six

Remedy said the same with Max Payne 3 (good game but not Max Payne like what Remedy did and they said it was JUST LIKE theirs)

Irrational Games said the same for Bioshock 2

and so on...

NYC_Gamer1952d ago

Its not like anyone expected Rocksteady to say other wise since WB signs their checks

Agent_00_Revan1952d ago

I know. Can you imagine if they had said, "No way, these guys aren't capable of handling this franchise. Don't expect anything good. And everybody should probably skip it and wait for Our next-gen Batman game."

ZombieKiller1952d ago

Still high hopes for this game as I am stubborn enough to continue the love. Im still playing Arkham City......cant help it. that game is a true work of art

Highlife1952d ago

I guess I am the only one who thought this game was overrated. Not a terrible game by any means but the hype the Arkham City got it didn't live up to it for me.

ZombieKiller1951d ago

I find alot of my Arkham City gaming is just flying around the city beating people up. I love the combat system in this game like no other. I'll put on the Dark Knight Rises soundtrack and fly around for hours beating the everlovin shit out of criminals. Tweaking camera angles, doing crazy moves that look awesome, etc etc.....

I go through the story every now and then but mainly this game is a time killer anymore for me. It's like dressing up like Batman and going in the back yard and....well, playing Batman! Lol. I'm a nerd, get over it. Isn't this :)
It's the closest thing I'll ever get to being Batman unless I was this guy...then again, no thanks.

Vandamme211952d ago

I wonder what rocksteady is working on right now.

Bercilak1952d ago

I wonder why Rocksteady decided not to make this. My guess is that they knew that there wasn't anywhere to go after their last game because they pulled out all the stops on that one. Heck, they introduced practically every villain in the DC universe.

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