Digital Foundry vs. the ultimate gaming PC

EG:OK, so perhaps there's just a certain level of exaggeration to the title of this article. After all, the strength of PC technology is its astonishing level of scalability, from the humble Intel Atom found in Windows 8 tablets, through dual CPU server set-ups all the way up to the Cray XK7 super-computer with 18,688 16-core AMD Opterons and an equal measure of Nvidia Tesla K20 graphics cards. But if money were no object and you were looking to construct an absolute top-end PC based on consumer level parts, the chances are that the system you'd create would be very similar indeed to what we have here: an Intel Sandy Bridge-E hex-core processor working in concert with three Nvidia GeForce Titans in SLI. That's what Nvidia thought when it commissioned this particular PC, sending it to Digital Foundry to assess what all that power translates into in terms of an actual gameplay experience.

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ATi_Elite1839d ago

HD 7970 CFX $200 less than a Titan but way better performance.

No noticeable micro-stutter.

3 way Titan SLI is a waste unless your powering some Super Huge monitors like on a Scoreboard.

NYC_Gamer1839d ago

Titan is a beast though for people who aren't into sli/cfx set ups..

adorie1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

insane FPS for the res and type of games they're benching. I am a little disappointed though, seeing as this is 3 cards in SLI, Titan no less. :/

Lol @ Metro 2033 bringing this beast PC to it's knees.
Under 60 fps at times. lol :D

I know, but I still expected more from those beastcards. That's almost $3k in video cards.
To put it into perspective, someone down the street, here, is selling their 2004 honda accord for $3100.

Do you think Lastlight will be better optimized than 2033?

FlameBaitGod1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Its running in 2560x1440 res tho xD and when u record with fraps(metro didn't have fraps tho), frames are even lower.

NYC_Gamer1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Metro:Last Light might just melt GPUs performance wise


I hope so for the sake of us all :)

FlameBaitGod1839d ago

"I know, but I still expected more from those beastcards. That's almost $3k in video cards. "

That's true, but it would be if it was a lot more optimized. If consoles had that set up, first party studios would make games look to good to be true.

Skate-AK1838d ago

I think Last Light will be optimized better this time.

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landog1839d ago

makes you wonder if even ps5 will be as powerful as pc right now

ps4 looks last gen already!

ImpliedDeception1839d ago

Present gen is now decided upon the most powerful possible configuration, regardless of how many people actually adopt such setups?

Crap. I don't have the $5,000+ it takes to build this system... Never mind the $20,000+ for a decent-sized 4K screen. I guess it's 'last-gen' for me and 99.9% of gamers...

...or, these are niche parts for a small market of people who demand cutting edge hardware, and not actually representative of how powerful PC's are as a platform. When the Steam hardware analysis page shows a plurality of PC gamers using hardware approximately this powerful, then you might have a case...

Out of curiosity, how does your system stack up to the one in the article? Even ivy bridge i7 and 680s sli are sad in comparison.

"powerful as PC right now": you make me laugh, sir.

WUTCHUGUNNADO1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

That rig is for super enthusiasts only... Most of them are put together for benchmarking purposes anyways so it shouldn't be a direct reflection of where the PC scene is right now. In reality a single Titan is all you would need for a while with the 690 and 680 keeping up as well not to mention their Radeon counterparts. 4K gaming is not really plausible at the moment unless you have tons of cash to burn through putting yourself ahead of the curve... or you could be like everyone else and wait until the prices come down and the tech catches up. 1080p/60fps is fine and easily achievable, anything more than that is entering enthusiast territory.


PS5 will obviously be more powerful... but mind you it's 7-8years away(2020/21). In probably another 5 years PC will be capable of real time ray tracing in game. I expect next next gen to repeat what next gen is looking like... powerful consoles but even more powerful PC's.

blackbirdi1839d ago

how about making a comparison between a pc running on windows embedded vs normal windows people will be suprised how much their 100 dollars graphic cards can do under windows embedded

taquito1839d ago

love that pc is already doing things ps4 and nextbox will never be capable of

2560x1440,, EVER happening on ps4/nextbox

heck, bf4 is only going to be dirty 720p on ps4

gedapeleda1839d ago

If next gen does 1080p pc guys will say it's so last year, 2560x1440 is the sh!t. And it's sad that this cycle will never end ;_;.
In my dream vision I see console and pc gamers in unity, puting their strength not against each other but against companys who milk them and produce pleb tier games.

ijust2good1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

U might aswell ask for a small super computer that can do 8k 60fps with no sure there is a market for that also but i bet its even smaller than the high end PC gaming market which is also small.

Asking for a state of the art technology is one things, asking for a price you'd be willing to pay for is another.
Console's balance's out power and price for the average Joe which is the majority of gamers. If you have the money u can do better than this build from Digital Foundry.

The fact is most of us Gamer's are not hardcore and enthusiast. We would't buy a system over £400 to play games. PC Gamers are a different breed of gamers, Allot of the hardcore PC gamers are willing to pay mind boggling £1000-£2000 or more to play the same exact games we play on consoles but play them on a higher frame rate and resolution. For us average joe, that sound extreme but to those hardcore's its about bragging about how much Superior there product is.

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