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Console gaming has become worse than PC gaming

Console gaming used to be cheaper, more convenient, and reliable--at least until the current generation arrived. Now, it's worse than PC gaming. Here's why. (Medal of Honor: Frontline, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, PS4, Tech, Xbox 360, Yellow light of death)

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MariaHelFutura  +   956d ago
Lol, No. This is getting more and more ridiculous the more we hear about the next gen consoles.
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nix  +   955d ago
give me god of war series, the last of us, little big planet series, uncharted series, yakuza, gran turismo, infamous series, Resistance series, MGS, ICO, Killzone series, Motorstorm series, Yakuza series, Heavenly Sword, Folklore etc on PC.. i'll shift with my eyes closed... until then.

plus i find console logistic more simple. buy one and use it for years to come. no upgrades. no nothing. i agree they break (just like my PS3 broke last weekend) but that was after like 5 years. yeah.. i am sad. for now Vita is gonna keep me busy. and Vita is another beast. i want every PS3 games on it.
XB1_PS4  +   955d ago
Give me Day-z, Sim City, Leaugue of Legends, Starcraft II, Dota II, Elder Scrolls Online, Smite, KOTOR, Torchlight, Company of heroes, and Thousands of quality indie games on Consoles..

It works both ways dude. There are, and always will be pros and cons to the Console vs. Pc war.
T900  +   955d ago

unfortunately for the PS4 none of those games will be on it, at launch anyways. Its going to have to build the library over years. Essentially PS4 will start life with 0 games.

PC has a library ready and set to go as of today and it can only get bigger as the next consoles arrive. It literally has 1000's of games on board.

Console gaming library is pretty small when you think about it compared to PC and in the end thats what really matters. New consoles hardly will have any games.

Its not hard getting a PS4 for those exclusives by the way. I am sure Sony will release 2-3 of those 8 hours games every year. No biggie get a console for those. No point compromising the entire multiplat library over those few games. Might as well buy them on the platform where you really can build a library.

PS: some of those PS exclusives are already there on the PC via PS2 emulation. Again unfortunately its the next PS that wont be playing em.
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SlapHappyJesus  +   955d ago
How about all the fantastic games that are only on pc?
Oh . . . that's right. They don't have Sony on the case, therefor you don't consider them good and you don't care.
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Sy_Wolf  +   955d ago
@sofresh412 Day-Z is headed to consoles and if you have no interest in most of the PC exclusives why bother building a gaming PC? I love both so I have both, but I know lots of people who just don't care about the vast majority of PC exclusives. Also, I wouldn't mention Sim City 3 as a reason to get a PC...
Tr10wn  +   955d ago
Not to mention all the other free to play games the PC has to offer like Warthunder, Warface, Warframe, Loaded, Firefall, Neverwinter, Hawken, PlanetSide 2, Tribes, Smite and all the others f2p games out there, right now you can't compete with PC gaming, it has better hardware and it has free games and good quality games like Planetside 2 Hawken and Warthunder, then you got all the MMO's out there and the best race simulation and if that isnt enough you can mod your games so you can play Skyrim with next gen graphics or the unique experience of DayZ.


Rocket said there is a chance it will be on consoles if the games sell well on PC and he said that Sony i think did the approach beside that it still a PC only game
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The_KELRaTH  +   955d ago
These days I find my PS3 Slim freezes / locks up far far more than my PC does. Now that's not to say it was always the case but I feel that the PC drivers have matured a lot.
Then there's the argument of cost; well I'm on my 2nd PS3 but my PC has remained much the same when put together some 5 years ago (3Ghz dual Core/8800GT512/4GB ram) and while I can't play some new games with all the visual features on there's not one game that doesn't look far better than the PS3 games - mostly due to anti-aliasing, very little texture compression, decent draw distances.

While I liked the frontend menus of the PS3 and adding a theme these days it's been taken over with links that take up most of the screen and more recently blasted adverts - it's virtually pointless using a theme now and knowing I have no control over this reminds me how much nicer the PC is to use these days - why does Sony think I'm unable to use a subdirectory to click for psn store etc as with settings!!

Don't get me wrong I enjoy using the PS3 and there's been some great unique games but today I was playing UT99 with extreme hi-res textures and a new Nali Weapons mod and C&C Generals Zero hour - both games older than the PS3 (UT99=14yrs). Both look and play fantastic even today and both genres just don't play well on consoles due to the simple inflexibility of not supporting keyboard and mouse/trackball.
yewles1  +   955d ago

"Some games on PS3 like Gran Turismo 5: Prologue..."

Stop right there, GT5P could most certainly be played w/o logging in to PSN. Now you're getting silly...
Ducky  +   955d ago
^ You should've read his entire sentence.
GT5:Prologue requires online if you buy the digital version.
KimDongHwan  +   955d ago
people who like MMOs and Strategy games, build a PC, people who like all the other genres buy a home console, people who love both, build a PC and buy a home console.
Dee_91  +   955d ago
lmao @ t900
his comments never cease to amaze me.just quit dude its so obvious now
faraany33k  +   955d ago
The amount of like/dislike disparity clearly shows N4G is filled with console fanboys. If SONY has some exclusives then PC has many great exclusives too. Infact the exclusives like on PC are so rare that they are not even found on other consoles.

If PS3 has Last of Us then Xbox/PC has Left4Dead series. If SONY has UNcharted, then MS XBOX has Gears of War.

But both these consoles cannopt run games like Starcraft 2, Simcity, DOTA2 and many others.
PersonMan  +   954d ago
Replying to sofresh412

None of those games you listed interests me.

They're nothing like the games nix listed.
Aaron Colas  +   955d ago
Will this nonsense ever end?

It's about the games! It has always been.

If you are a gamer you see all of them as platforms, cunduits to exhilarating experiences with varying playstyles and different social communities.

We are lucky to have these many options; let the companies fight between themselves for our coin and try not to be manipulated by media sensasionalisations.

Don't hate on your own kind by being a prejudicial drone.

It's pointless, rediculously stupid and it makes you look like a fanboy every single time.
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Farsendor1  +   955d ago | Well said
free, awesome deals, easier messaging system, not cluttered with endless menus to flip through.You can buy games that came out a year ago for $5 on Steam, and Xbox Live tries to sell last gen games for $20. Both services have an online storefront, but Steam's storefront is easier to navigate. In addition, they are more upfront about game details than Xbox Live. Also, Steam offers better gaming previews with footage of almost all of the games whereas Xbox Live only does this for select titles.

-Dedicated servers >>>>>> P2P
-Cheap games
-Steam Cloud
-Less Advertising
-Custom community groups for anything

Best to play video games on a pc.
Nyromith  +   955d ago
Steam? That almost-always-online service that requires an intrusive third party client to be installed on your computer and reserve itself the right to confiscate everything you bought? No thanks.

I had to move to consoles a yea ago because I realized that Steam-free gaming on the PC is not possible anymore - even physical disks are encrypted with Steam. Even worse, when game publishers and Microsoft realized how easily PC gamers betrayed all their principles for cheaper prices, now console gamers have to fight a desperate war not to allow those rotten services take hold on the console market.

You may choke with your Steam DRM and always online crap like Diablo 3 and SimCity (that sold millions), I'm staying with my console. I prefer slightly worse graphics and more expensive prices to intrusive services and DRM.
decrypt  +   955d ago
So instead you prefer console DRM. Which restricts you from playing any of your old games on the next machine.

You pretty much have 0% chance of playing a PS3 game on a PS4. At least on PC you can play your old games many many years later.
Alos88  +   955d ago
I wouldn't consider that DRM, DRM is something added for a specific purpose, the PS4's inability to play old games was an unfortunate inevitability given they were no longer using the Cell processor.
OpenGL  +   955d ago
I've had my Steam account since 2004 and every game I purchased then will be playable forever and the service as a whole has been very convenient.

PS4 on the other hand is making all of my PS3 PSN purchases irrelevant, hardly convenient and much worse than Steam's DRM, which by the way works in offline mode. Some games on PS3 like Gran Turismo 5: Prologue and Warhawk cannot be launched without connecting to PSN if you don't own the physical version(yes Warhawk can be played offline in split-screen), so the PS3 already has always-on DRM for some games.
zebramocha  +   955d ago
@decrypt a generation for a pc gpu is 2 years,console are fixed hardware, they can't improve technologically with out making cut backs in some areas to have a better system over all.

@OpenGL not sure about gt but warhawk is a multiplayer game so that comparison doesn't make sense as there is no single player component.
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Nyromith  +   955d ago
Consoles almost always have a different architecture each gen, and the lack of backward compatibility is an unfortunate side effect of that. Believe me, if Sony could easily add backward compatibility to the PS4 (and PS3) they would gladly do it. PC, on the other hand, has the same Windows and the same x86 architecture since 95, so backward compatibility is a non-brainer. And yet, sometimes you have to struggle to run old games.

Steam, on the other hand, is a completely artificial barrier that stand between the software - the game, and the hardware - the PC. When I purchase a [physical] console game and I have the hardware - that's it. I don't need to call the shop I bought the game from and ask a permission to run it. This is one of the reasons people are so mad at Microsoft - they want to add that artificial barrier to the Xbox 720, because they see that PC gamers so happily accepted it.
fermcr  +   955d ago
@ Nyromith
"Believe me, if Sony could easily add backward compatibility to the PS4 (and PS3) they would gladly do it"

Actually no, they don't want BC on their new consoles. It's not profitable to Sony. Sony want's to sell the same game again and again. That's what happened this generation and that's what's going to happened next gen with the PS4.

...and for Steam being always online, it's not true. For single player games you only have to install it and play it once (to activate), then you can play your steam single player game offline any time you want.
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Oh_Yeah  +   955d ago
@Nyromith the cfw scene recently got backwards compatibility to work with "non backwards compatible consoles", almost all games...Google it yourself, PS2 classics manager. That is something Sony should have offered for free...A way to to rip your old games and convert into PS2 classic format but no they charge you for your game again. Sony could easily come up with something similar for PS4 to play PS3 games. There's no such thing as non backwards compatible in this day in age with the tech available.. but there certainly is a such thing as greed.
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extermin8or  +   955d ago
tell that to max payne 3... amongst others... and actually Sony would have added ps3 backwards compatibility at least in launch consoles if they could if for no other reason than, that in Japana such a feature is very important to them. However it really isn't currentlly possible to emulate the cell using x86 architecture- not at the moment anyway..
elmaton98  +   955d ago
I dont care what you guys say im getting a ps4 day one since gaming on consoles is what I actually like and not on pc, and if I want to game on pc ill just buy my games on it dont you think
specialagent4532  +   955d ago
STEAM is an open service it allows gamers to run their own mods and servers. Extremely cheap games and simplified modding via steamworks just point and click the mod you want hassle free. Is just a better service than what you get on PSN or xbox live
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   955d ago
You're definitely the type of person who has never used Steam before. I don't know of a single person who uses it and dislikes it. That aside, you don't HAVE TO BE online to play games on your steam account. Time and time again people make this stupid mistake.
Clarence  +   955d ago
No thanks been there done that. IMO consoles are the best.
Ragthorn  +   955d ago
Not to be rude or anything, but why do you think consoles are the best? Just asking, not going to be hostile towards your opinion.
Edit: Why the disagree, just asking lol.
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Trunkz Jr  +   955d ago
Why are people even comparing Consoles to PC's, why don't we just compare Vita and 3DS to Iphones and Androids now....
guerojose  +   955d ago
Agreed that the state of consoles has worsened, though not that PCs are any better. These days no console game is ever "finished", and the constant system updates makes one pine for the good ol' days when a console was locked down. But he left out the primary cause: the consumer has also gotten a lot worse. Conditioned by years of atrocious PC software and OSes, they simply accept and buy any form of abuse. In-game advertising, games shipped as beta tests, everything-as-a-service, patched-patches, and now a whole new set of invasive abuses on the horizon. This situation only exists because so many are willing to suck it down and cough it up.
specialagent4532  +   955d ago
Thank you that's what I been trying to say. It started on the pc with CD keys, long ass hour installation games onto the pc hard drive. Endless patches, freezing and crashing games. Until now that PC gamers said enough is enough. That's what console gamers need to do is to stand up and not put up with the bs of these corporations.
Flavor  +   955d ago
There is really no argument about what is the more feature rich platform (PC), the only advantage that consoles have is the price of entry. I own a 360 for exclusives and all I have to say is 'eighty dollar controllers'. And the games all look fuzzy.

The PC is an open platform with limitless possibilities, better input devices, superior networking, and can also help you do your taxes and make 3D models for work. And watch movies. And shop any store. surf the internet. All for no additional 'subscription' cost over your internet bill.
Rageanitus  +   955d ago
I have always found PC gaming better even though I owned all consoles this gen...

Cheaper in the long run
More versatile
Higher chance of bw compatibility
And no you don't need a top tiered machine with constant upgrades. I remember the days where you had to look at the system requirements but nowadays not so much
Lastly better and smoother graphics
cyguration  +   955d ago
This is true.

I have a backup laptop from years ago and it can still play all of today's games on medium settings, it has an x1600 Radeon and I'm shocked at how fast it can still run newer games. The only drawback is that it generates too much heat and shuts down frequently, but that's due to poor case ventilation.

On my other rig the thing hasn't required any upgrades and it's been a cheaper way to game over home consoles.

I've become highly disappointed with the Xbox 360, especially with the proprietary hard drive prices (I could get a 500GB PC HD for the price of a 50GB Xbox 360 HD) and piss poor graphics and paid networking services (which is less convenient and offers FAR less features than Steams -- a lot of people have forgotten to mention that Steam games also automatically come with toolshop or modding software for free).

I'm looking forward to the PS4 but if MS keeps price gouging with the 720 the way they have with the 360 then it's so long and good bye.
RawZombie26  +   955d ago
Console gaming has become an abomination that is being morphed by big budget companies that rape you for your money. Please dont buy the PS4 all its gonna b is just another little black box with buttons on it.
Alos88  +   955d ago
Thanks. After a sea of intelligent, well reasoned responses from other PC users it was a relief to see that not all of them are that mature.
torchic  +   955d ago
Ezz2013  +   955d ago
lol golden comment right there
AnotherProGamer  +   955d ago
Console gaming was more expensive back then games used to cost around $70-$120 and some consoles were more expensive like the 3DO
Clarence  +   955d ago
Anybody remember the Neo-Geo. $200 a game 600-1000 for the console.
delboy  +   955d ago
Next generation is going to be even worse, console only gamers, prepare to be raped without a condom.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   955d ago
Pc gamers are already being forced f**ked lol.

Why focus on console gaming when your platfrom has many problems of its own?

why do pc gamers even care is the question?
wenaldy  +   955d ago
Console gaming has never been cheaper since Atari generation.
geassdanny  +   955d ago
The console hardware and software sales would say otherwise.
GABRIEL1030  +   955d ago
some people like spend thousands USD for a PC and later change parts every six months, when Nvidia shows a new technical demo. In the past days NVIDIA unveiled the GTX Titan, an enormous graphics card that costs $1,000.

Are you serious? 1000 bucks to play the same games that old game machines like 360 or Ps3 like the amazing Bioshock and Tomb Raider.

What a waste of money¡

kiwipunk  +   955d ago
u dnt need thse cards to play the games u could buy a 50 buck card and play them so they look like 360 or pay say a hundred and still play them on high, i paid 400 total for my pc and plays all games on high at this time in future if i wana play newer games on high pay couple hundred for new cpu or card, or not its my choice, do research before you run ya mouth off
Ragthorn  +   955d ago
Ok Gabriel1030, the GTX Titan is way way way way way overpriced. Those who spend thousands of dollars on their PC are because they love they're PC Enthusiasts, for me I only spent around $1000 USD on mine, and still it is running as great as ever. Please, didn't your mother tell you to think before you say?
GABRIEL1030  +   955d ago
Ragthorn It's my personal opinion.

LOL. Really 1000 bucks for a single card,for play the same games that a 360, are you serious?

Sorry no offense, but if you are a designer, programmer or engineer and need a super PC for WORK in programs like Solid Works, Pro engineer or Autocad, I understand that you need a super PC, but 1000 for only the graphics card to PLAY. The worst is that you need change this device each 6 months, also the RAM and maybe the cooling system.

Please, didn't your mother tell you to think before you pay?
ExCest  +   955d ago

Yeah, because everyyyyyone changes their parts every 6 months.

Personally I change my RAM all the time! The new 8GB DDR3 1333hz is much faster than my 8GB DDR3 1333hz and I can't stand it. My water cooling CPU cooler isn't cooling also so I need to buy a new one like freaking socks.
JasonXS12  +   955d ago
At Gabriel1030, I have a GTX 460 dating back early 2011 and I didn't need to upgrade that $200 graphics card just to play games. This graphics card runs all the new games like Bioshock and Tomb Raider on max settings fine. My computer is made up of parts from 4-5 years ago and I'm still getting high definition graphics.

Playing games is one hobby, but being a PC enthusiast is another. You can't hate on PC enthusiasts for being PC enthusiasts. Do you hate car enthusiasts because they spend hundreds and thousands on a Lamborghini or Ferrari? No.
peowpeow  +   955d ago
Trolled hard.
kiwipunk  +   955d ago
always whinge whinge im so high n mighty with my opinion, who the fuk cares what u choose to play games on as long as u enjoy yourself who gives a rats ass what some nobody on the interweb thinks
jjb1981  +   955d ago
I'd rather lay on my couch and play than to have to sit at a desk. I play on all platforms. PC is cheaper in the long run but with kids and friends coming over I prefer playing on a consoles because of local multiplayer.
cyguration  +   955d ago
If you have a 360 just literally plug in your controllers and you're done.

If you have an HDMI compatible TV just plug your PC in and run Steam in Big Picture Mode. Games like Borderlands 2, Blur *cough*Dolphin*cough* and other games via Steam have plenty of offline splitscreen options

febreeze1  +   955d ago
I hate people who still use this argument against pc's....you can plug your pc into your tv and relax on your couch plus like the comment above says steam big picture mode makes it an even better experience
kevnb  +   955d ago
PC gaming was always been awesome. Console gaming always comes down to 5-10 exclusive games per system for me. At above, it's pretty easy to play PC games on a tv from your couch. And local multiplayer is almost dead anyway.
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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   955d ago
consoles > PC Deal with it
the worst   955d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
MrDead  +   955d ago
I play both, I have just as much fun on both.

You have fun just playing PC games, I'll have fun playing everything, I pity the fools that don't.
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davidpaul231   955d ago | Spam
brave27heart  +   955d ago
Some very well put reasoned arguements from the PC crowd in here. I thank you for your maturity.

However I prefer console gaming for ease of use, knowing my hardware choice will still be valid 7-10 years down the line (no need to upgrade that is, knowing my day 1 ps3 is still as valid as one sold today), the exclusives and the ease of plug and play gaming on any tv in any room at anyones house.

Im happy with my choice, as im sure you're all happy with yours. I dont need you to see things my way or change your opinion, I just ask that you respect my opinion and not try to change it because its one you dont agree with.
SonyPS4  +   955d ago
Even though I am a console-only gamer, PC is king:

-More exclusives than any console platform
-Cheaper games
-Mod support
-Superior online play
T2  +   955d ago
Good point but personally I just hate checking system requirements , antivirus bs, bugs , etc ... I use pc all day and when I get home rarely touch my laptop
Scenarist  +   955d ago
opinions opinions.... and IMHO .. . console gaming has never been as good as gaming on a pc.

@SonyPS4 + bubble

and I will add

-you can always play any game that you bought (and even ones you havent) even if you upgrade or use a new computer.

- screen resolutions that fit YOUR budget ... same game nothing changes but if your willing to shell out more money you can play at any resolution you want (multi monitors or 4k tv)

- cheaper than consoles in the long run.. (what you save on games)

- THE BIGGEST LIBRARY of games that there will EVER BE (ok this should have went up top with point #1.

- MOUSE + KB > controller for some games... and u can plug in a controller for games that you prefer to use one with
( but im hoping next gen system uses the option to use a kb like UT3 tried to do for ps3 but with less lag ) (yea that input lag was terrible and it was the only reason i even got ut3 for ps3 cuz i felt like i would pwn all :P ..i got pwnd )

- cheat codes (trainers) for fun games that lack them (can go with sonyps4 "mods")

- im alt tabbed and typing this ....while playing N4G's most hated game waiting for the next round to start
pissed999   955d ago | Trolling | show
BongSmack  +   955d ago

aha just kidding! To each his own.
Ragthorn  +   955d ago
Yay, I love it when us PC Gamers are recognized as good folk, always have to have those PC braggers that ruin our reputation *cough pissed999 cough*. Well I just want everyone of you guys to enjoy on what you play on, but in my opinion I will always prefer PC gaming from reasons said above, like games costing less, DRM Free, my overall preference w/ mouse+keyboard, and alot of other reasons.
sklorbit  +   955d ago
At this point why are people even trying to prove their platform of choice is BESTESTS? Each platform has been around long enough to prove itself, and the internet has argued back and forth over and over and over.

Pick what fits your style and play some games, stop worrying about what other people prefer. Seriously get over it.
MonopolyRSV  +   955d ago
PC doesn't have anywhere near the size of the community that consoles do.
xJumpManx  +   955d ago
PCs community is more adult oriented, you do not get obnoxious little kids ruining the game experience like you do on consoles. The PC community also is more tight kniit and seems to have much loyaler members than the console community that changes every console cycle. Also not entirely sure about the size when you conpare the community for games like WOW.
MonopolyRSV  +   955d ago
Yeah certain games have a lot of players, but overall consoles have way more people playing a wide variety of games.
talisker  +   955d ago
If so, it's not reflected in gaming forums. Everywhere I see PC gaming discussions, even in much troll-proof places like GAF, PC users look down at console gamers just because of the hardware. It's a terrible incarnation of rascism because it doesn't even compare people but their belongings. I refuse to be part of such a terrible community (even though my PC runs games fine).
Ducky  +   955d ago
This is both a positive and negative.

In consoles, you kinda need a large community for games that have peer-to-peer online or else you spend ages trying to find a match.
This also means that you'll encounter a lot more people, some good, some bad.

On PC, there are dedicated servers so you're good as long as there's enough people in your area to keep one server alive.
Even when there are multiple servers to choose from, I stick with a few favorite and play with the same group of people the frequent the servers. We're closer friends because of it.

... but yea, the PC games that don't have dedicated servers tend to die quick, aside from CoD which dies a bit more slowly.
ExCest  +   955d ago
But COD on PC kinda died a terrible death after MW2. I'm not sure if the crowd came back but I do know they lost a huge amount of popularity among the PC community.
CaulkSlap  +   955d ago
PC gaming is vastly larger overall. It's just very fractured to the point that there's a ton of different small communities. There just isn't that console sheep mentality of buying the next big game en masse. People play the same games for years and there's always mods or cheap older games. The longevity of PC games is really what killed it as a market for the publishers.
xJumpManx  +   955d ago
The extended console life of this generations consoles has enabled to the PCs to take a big lead ever consoles graphics wise. The xbox 360 controller has also given the PC a controller that is now considered the default control scheme as well for PC games that use controllers. This generation on consoles have seen the FPS genre grow for consoles but anyone who has played a FPS on a console and a PC will say the classic PC keyboard and mouse are the best control scheme for FPS titles, the fps control scheme was designed for keyboard and mouse. This console generation also is the first to require games installs on the PS4 and the 360 games run much better with installed data even though it is not required on 360. The one thing that made console gaming unique is you popped in the media be it cartridge, cd or DVD and play right away that is no longer the case for consoles. You can pay your pc games on a monitor or just like a console can play them on your big screen from your couch. The PC 99% of the time gets a higher review score for titles that both the PC and console share. The negative to PCs is you need to upate the hardware every so often which the consoles do not require YET(we shall see if that stays true this generation).
Max-Zorin  +   955d ago
Can't we all just get along?
ExCest  +   955d ago
Sounds like people hate people. I wish we could but judging on how people don't agree with you (besides me), people just hate people.
arronax-1  +   955d ago
Ugh, I'm really starting to hate the PC crowd all over again and it's obviously their selfish asses that are making this article popular.
JasonXS12  +   955d ago
It's the fact that both console and pc elitists tend to bicker amongst each other trying to convey the reasons why their console is superior to the other.
There are arguments for and against each platform but what drives the article to the ends of the earth is that idiots tend to create 10 worded comments that are absolutely ignorant.
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