GeForce 9800GTX retail price revealed; $349

"GeForce 9800GTX is already out for testing and news of the performance has been coming at a steady flow from multiple sources. Several leaked slides have now revealed the MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail price) of the card that will arrive on March 25; $349 (one slide says $299-349, but the rest $349). This is actually slightly lower than our estimate and not bad at all. The performance is good, even though drivers are still in need of some tweaking. And you can expect many factory-overclocked cards. GeForce 9800GTX is based on the G92-420 core and runs at 675MHz. The 512MB GDDR3 memory will operate at 2000MHZ and the shaders at 1688MHz."

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Vip3r3725d ago

Is this card better than the ATi equivilant? The 3870 I think?

deeznuts3725d ago

The 3870 gets beat by the 8800GT so I think it's safe to say this one is better (although I'm speaking off the cuff, I haven't read any reviews).

conjurdevil3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

I am buying this was thinking of getting a 360 but might pick this up mass effect in may!!!

sak5003725d ago

Are you ok? How many games worth buying a good vga care were released last year? And compare those with 360s games, which are coming out this year and were released last year. Only a hardcore anti 360 can think like u.

I still have my $700 card(single sli) from 2006 which cannot stand upto this card but i will rather fork out for ps3 than another vga cuz i stopped pc gaming since last year when Halo3/Bioshock took me off from BF2142. And COD4 later on hit the final nail in pc gaming for me. I still have crysis which i bought rather cheap (dont ask) but never installed it cuz i was in MP beta and i could only manage 25-30fps in medium/low settings. After playing COD4 i coudn't go back to crysis. And COD4 beat its MP anytime.

So think before you just jump onto the latest vga bandwagon, cuz in another 5 months this model will be replaced with faster one. But till 2009/10 360 / ps3 will be alive and kicking. Keeping in mind the lack of RROD issues on newer 360s.

solar3725d ago

this is excellent news for me. as im in the hunt for an uprade for my 7800GT. im thinking of an SLI setup of two 9600GT's....unless this beasty packs a more poerful punch. bring on some good reviews!

LightofDarkness3725d ago

Bye bye 7800gtx, meet your replacement ;)

Perfect entry price point for a high-end card. I'll be picking this one up, even though it's basically an 8800GT with all the stream processors and shader units enabled. Probably has better DX10 support anyway.

Charlie26883725d ago

That is super sweet this confirms what NVIDIA said that they will make the 9000 series the cheapest ever...and this just the launch! O.O!

this will create a domino effect! people who could only afford the high end GTS can now afford to buy the very high end GTX and if the prices for the mid range are right people who could only afford the low range can now afford mid rage!

its madness I tell you! XD

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