Sony PS Vita 3G gaming console being cleared for £179

Carphone Warehouse has abruptly cut the cost of the Sony PS Vita 3G portable gaming console, a sign perhaps that it is clearing out existing stocks for a new version.
That model is now on sale for £179, that’s down from the official selling price of £179. In addition, Carphone Warehouse is bundling a 4GB memory card plus WIPEOUT 2048 with it which makes that deal even sweeter.

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geeniusgee6021835d ago

That model is now on sale for £179, that’s down from the official selling price of £179 - wrong price?

remanutd551835d ago

have Guerrilla Cambridge said anything about 3G support on Killzone Mercenary? if they havent then i think sony will announce a 4G model at E3 and Killzone Mercenary online multiplayer 4G support will be demo'd at stage.

BuffMordecai1835d ago

Just tether the device to your smartphone, it will save you an additional monthly bill.

remanutd551835d ago

I didnt ask for a solution to the 3G functionality i asked if Guerrilla Cambridge have said anything about 3G support on Killzone Mercenary.

Th4Freak1835d ago

@remanutd55 There's a magic tool called Google use it.

LOGICWINS1835d ago

@Th4Freak- Rude much?

@Buff- Not that simple. Major carriers like AT&T and Sprint charge extra for the ability to tether. You don't "save" anything in most cases.

Th4Freak1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

@LOGICWINS I'm just being as rude as he is. I know that he's right however he said it in a really bad tone, it wasn't the way to reply.

Btw you can bypass carriers tether block if your phone is rooted.

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Soldierone1835d ago

You can't game on 3G at all, even if they wanted to. That's like trying to take a PS3 game online with dial up, especially if people are trying to tether 3G to it as wi-fi.

I remember people doing that with the PS2, tricking it to think a dial up connection was broadband and lagging out everyone.

Skate-AK1835d ago

Actually I played about an hour or two of BF3 tethered to 3G. It worked not bad although I wouldn't recommend it.

Soldierone1834d ago

How the hell did you play BF3 on 3G? That had to be laggy as heck lol

FriedGoat1834d ago

3G is still faster than the 36k modems I used to game on in the early 90's. 3G is perfectly fine for playing online games.

remanutd551835d ago

At LOGICWINS yea Tmobile just starting charging extra money for the ability to tether so if a 4G model gets announced then i think i will most likely get one.

KrisButtar1835d ago

The Vita 3G model likely didn't sell all that well because of the companies you had to sign up the data contract with. Thats's likely the reason for the sale as I bought my Wifi model because I didn't want to deal with Rogers, same as everyone else I know with one

HakatoX1835d ago

I just paid my friend 30.00 a month to add onto his ancient AT&T account.

Mikelarry1835d ago

same there are for than enough free wifi spots on my daily travels that buying the 3g would have been pointless also the prices these companies are asking just put me off.

Soldierone1835d ago

Same thing here. Can't stand AT T so I went Wifi. I do that with a lot of things actually. Someone goes AT T exclusive, fine I'll buy a different phone.

MasterCornholio1835d ago

I never got a 3G vita because you can't play multiplayer games over 3G plus if I ever need to use the internet on my Vita I can just tether it to my phone or use a WiFi hotspot.

Motorola RAZR i

SonyStyled1835d ago

one of the fighting games, idk what one as its not my genre, has multiplayer thats playable over 3G

wolokowoh1835d ago

It was Street Fighter x Tekken and it wasn't nearly as smooth as Wi-Fi. The game nearly lag free on Wi-Fi if the base connection was wired. Even a tethered 4G had some lag issues. That said it is much better than Vita's built-in 3G.

CommonSenseGamer1835d ago

3g really only supports turn based multiplayer. 4g improves things but doubtful Sony is throwing too much money at Vita right now and coming out with such a model.

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